Best Machinima Series Ever!!!

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No offense to the RVB guys, but Heretic and Codex were the best thing to ever happen to the Machinima world.


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I watched epiosde 1 last serious...I like serious machinma but machinma is supposed to be funny in my eyes.

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The scripting for the humans could be a lot better, as well as the firefights. As it is, the combat looks too fake. Plus, the weapon variety is too limited. I mean, only BRs, an SPNKr, a shotgun, and a pistol cameo? The Covenant are equally as bare with their arsenal, sporting plasma pistols, plasma rifles only in combat, and energy swords. I really think that plasma pistols should be used very little, as Sangheili generally use plasma rifles. It would make sense for them to carry those even when not in combat.
Also, the music gets old after three episodes. I'm tired of hearing the same notes over and over. Plus, it should at least fit the events, and barely any of that music did.

All in all, its ok, but not that great.
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