Best news of my life :D

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Anyone up in Massachusetts? I'd still like to be doing costuming if I get to go up there, so just wanting to know if there is anyone to do it with. Now I need to finish my ODST ASAP :)
WOW, Harvard
My friends brother is up there, he is really into music and stuff lol

Congrats Bro, I really dont think I can get into Harvard, but Props to you Bro
I couldn't read the text either but I sure could read the letter head.... Harvard, congrats man!!! What will you be studying?
CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is awesome dude! Hope you have a good time at HARVARD!

THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! Decided to post it here since some of you have inspired me to do things I wouldn't have even thought of. I applied because one of the members said I should just go for it and don't think of it any other way, and it seems like it worked :) So thank you to all of you here at the 405th.
I'm going to Master in Astronomy and Physics.

Masters or for BS? Just sounds like more of a bachelors since they didn't say anything about an assistantship or TA/RA salary (And it's addressed to you for an HS instead of a University).

If that's the case the term you are looking for is Major.

Just teasing you a bit. Congrats man! The only physics I know is Geophysics, but if you ever want to talk Earth and Oil I'm around.
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