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I've been thinking about what really turned me on to Halo. It's not my favorite game (Portal takes that position), but it has a very special place on my game shelf. I though about it long and hard, and the thing that really stands out in Halo is the naming scheme. Call me crazy, but I absolutely LOVE the names used. You have the Master Chief, Cortana, the Flood, High Charity, the Prophets, Hierarchs, Halo, Reach, Pillar of Autumn (that one always sends a chill up my spine). I just can't get over how awesome the names are. And then there's the Warthog, Arbiter, Elites, grunts, brutes, jackels, ODSTs, Pelicans. It's just perfect. Absolutely perfect.

The actual gameplay could use a butt load of work, but I play on the PC, and the crappy ports probably have more to do with that.
You my, friend need a Xbox. The game is hundred times better on the 360; you can play Halo 1 and 2 on the 360, good thing to. Anyway, what really got me into the game was the game play, like i said, different on console then computer, but the Absolute best thing that really grabbed me and took me into the Halo universe, is the story, i have never read a book, played a game, or watched a movie, with a story like Halo. And just how big the Halo universe is, its amazing! It is possibly bigger than the Star Wars universe, always a mystery. When my friend took me through the campaigns of H1 and H2, I was fascinated about the idea of beings, eons ahead of our time, making these Rings and there strange disappearance. The Covenant, and the Spartans, the Forerunners. This is why I play, the story, which is what acctualy got me to get my own xbox, the 360, and now after about 5 years, I have all the games. :)
The characters are the best part. Without their depth, the story would be just another sci-fi novel or space zombie story. It's the characters that made Halo what it is. Without seeing Master Chief's struggle, Cortana's overprotective girlfriend thing, Johnson's hardened persona, the Arbiter's fight for redemption, it would be nothing. Each of the characters' stories add to the otherwise-generic story of a supersoldier who stops a race of space zombies and saves humanity, and make it an epic story. The gameplay isn't the best in a game (Still addictive and great, though), the graphics aren't fantastic by comparison, and the aliens versus humans motif is trite. But the characters, with their unique flavor, are the best part of this amazing game series.

(Hell, I enjoyed the characters in Wars! xD)
For me it was everything. I first heard and saw Halo Combat Evolved on a tv show talking about machinima and Roosterteeth, back when there was only one season of Red vs Blue. I then tried the trial for the pc and LOVED IT. I bought the full version as soon as I could and went from there.
Best part about Halo for me?

The fact that I remember the first time I played Halo:CE. Just going through the first level left me amazed.

10 years and thousands of multiplayer kills later, here I am.
i regularly think about why i like halo, and in truth i have no idea. in truth it is just a scifi game (and books) and there are tones of those. (its not like it is just cause to or S.T.A.L.K.E.R (my other two fav games) which are unique) its just that i really really love it. maybey it is that the univere is really well thought out, and the character feel as though you have known them for a millenia.
what i also like is beauty. both just cause 2 and S.T.A.L.K.E.R are Beautiful IMO, but so is halo. that is probarbly the main selling point (oh and im an audiophile, and halo husic kicks butt. music makes a game / film i say. and when you have a good game + good music = nerdgasm)
The best part for me is the rich universe with the many stories and the realistic military equipment. i'm a sucker for realistic sci-fi military gear.
The characters are the best part. Without their depth
All of the above, but the characters are the clincher. They're familar and yet totally foreign. How can one possibly relate to a massive spartan standing on an alien spacecraft about to open a space portal above an earth-like planet. And yet I totally understood what thoughts may have been racing through Jorge's mind. Kat's demise was an odd one, and it keeps me wondering what meaning her creators what us to glean from it. On the other hand when Sergeant Johnson bit the bullet, caught both he and I by surprise.

The novels only serve to strenghten your bond with the men and women of the Haloverse.
every minute of it all!

Me too. I remember the first time I played it, after landing on Halo itself, and you(Master Chief) walk out into this massive new world for the first time. Being able to look up and see the ring in it's entirety. Heck, I still play it every once in a while just to remember where it all started, the game series I mean. The characters of course played a huge role in the enjoyment of it as well. But I'm definitely with rundown. Every second, of every game, I love it all.
vehicles and music. The ability to hop in a ghost, bail out, and hi-jack a wraith is priceless. And the music... booyah!
The 405th is what actually got me into playing the game in the first place. Although, I regretably have only played Reach. (Gonna go out and get the rest very soon though) The characters did it for me, Jorge, Carter, Emile, Cat, and Jun, really made the game. That game was epic IMO, not only in gameplay, but the way it all went down too. ( I don't want to say too much for those three or four people who haven't played it yet,lol!) Have to say,

The flood (well especially in 1. . . well praticly only in 1 actually) I played it at my cousins house in. . . ehh 02/03-ish which puts me at 9/10 years old, let me tell ya walkin around finding dead bodies everywhere and then coming to a locked door oooh boy (we left the xbox for a bit and then tried to find an alternate route before manning up) The marine falling through the door scared the ******* out of us XD

That and how expanded the universe is, much like many good sci-fi things it branches out into things besides the games, novels, movies etc and I've fallen in love with all of it.
The whole game, seriously.

More to the point its the storyline that really succeeds, with the music along side it creates an effect that other games just cant achieve. Also the ability to waste hours doing nothing and still have fun is priceless, and forge, it makes the game last forever.
An a slightly more serious note...

I tried to explain what was so appealing about Halo to my dad (imagine that, I’m 52!) and what I finally told him was that it was a video game wrapped around a pretty good science fiction story. Aside from the graphics and attention to detail (like marines’ eyes blinking or snow falling off of branches), there was a story with a huge amount of details all worked out. Also there is the immersive nature of the game. The music (I made a Pandora station with Halo as the seed that I listen to while gluing paper), I mean - Rock Anthem for Saving the World? awesome.) the sounds, the graphics, even the vibrating controller, it all fits together to wrap itself around you. Then there are the names as mentioned above "Truth and Reconciliation", High Charity, even, The Arbiter. - fantastic creativity. The more I write this, the more it's becoming "everything" :).
Agreed Jeff! If only Bungie had waited 1 more year to release Reach, could you IMAGINE the possibilities? I think that's why combat evolved was so good. There was no, "rush to the deadline" that all the other games have had. The graphics have aged, but considering that was a launch title of the Xbox, pretty darn good! The music has that same, "symphony" feel that Star Wars does, but more on the sci-fi/rock area. Ah......... People that hate Halo are really missing out.
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