Best type of armor

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If you want it fast and kind of cheap. Go the way of Pep. You spend enough time on it and you can actually make it look really good. If you have a lot of time on your hands, as well as money, go the way of molding. Look at all the stickies.
Hmm, have you taken a look around yet to learn a little bit about each process? Better do that....

Anyway, a lot of factors should be considered when determining your method:
How much are you willing to spend?
Do you have a lot of time, or do you want to finish it quickly?
Are you good/knowledgable with sculpting?
Do you know how to use fiberglass resin?
How many suits are you planning on making?
How sturdy do you want it?

I know....lots of questions.
Basically, pepakura will give you a 100% accurate ratio between the pieces, and will fit right if you scaled the whole thing correctly. It also happens to be the cheaper way of making armor, and looks kinda good too. the only thing it fails in is getting smooth curves, but that can be negated with enough patience and effort.

Modeling out of clay gives you the opportunity to enhance your armor with tons of detail, but requires many hours and lots of clay....not to mention skill. then comes the pricey molding and casting process, but the benefit is that the more suits you make....the cheaper your molds become.
make sure you have say 200 dollars atleast, pep or molded are both expensive, pep is cheaper, molded will go for....1400 dollars to make a suit.
ill probably go for the pepakura to start then when i think im ready for the clay then ill do that thanks
Remember for pep, you need to scale it or else it will come out too big/small, and make sure you use cardstock, and make sure you have MONEY, you'll never finish unless you have money.
Read all stickies, use cardstock, printer paper will just flip over and become mush when resining.
Office supply store, in the paper isle, stapes, office depot, anywhere that sells massive ammounts of paper will sell cardstock, use 110lb. 250 sheet packs.
AoBfrost said:
Office supply store, in the paper isle, stapes, office depot, anywhere that sells massive ammounts of paper will sell cardstock, use 110lb. 250 sheet packs.
But first make sure your printer can deal with 110lb stock, some can, some can't. Mine can only take 90lb max. Check your printer's specs, it will list the max paper weight it can deal with, if you try to feed 110lb in a printer that can only take 90lb you'll have feed trouble, wasted paper, ink and possible damage to the printer.
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Read stickies, use bondo fiberglass and resin.

Both are in the auto department at walmart, 2 cans of resin will cost you 24 dollars, 2 sheets of fiberglass will cost you 12 dollars.
My paint job costed me 50 some dollars, visor costed 40, resinglass 40, cardstock 12 dollars...other hidden cost here and there.
Cut it with a dremel, and them buy another visor, place the uncut one under, or on the cheap, use gold carding from hobby lobby or any hobby store, but you cant see out of the carding.
definitly go for pepakura. BUT, remember this, you MUST scale the item/piece of armor you want
to construct, or else it will turn out too big or too small. if you have further questions,
just ask for Spase, (he is a cool member of 405th). he will tell you ALL about pep. and how
he made his. (his helmet for his avatar is pepakura)

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