Better the next time


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Ok, i'll participate. First builds are always rough. Everyone gets better with time. I am actually very embarrassed about my first one. I went at it again after learning from that one, and did way better. Glad I did. I've since been focusing more on props rather than whole cosplays.

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Community Staff multiple mishaps on the same piece:

IMG-20160621-01330.jpg this is the comparison between my 2nd and 3rd attempt on my helmet...I never took one of the 1st.

IMG-20160718-01398.jpg This was the 4th attempt, the 5th still hasn't resurfaced after I threw it across the room in the basement.

IMG-20160805-01434.jpg The 6th was a disaster. After peping it I resined it and it never dried......almost a week later it was still sticky and the paper had dented and warped horrifically.

IMG_0205.JPG This was #7.....sized too small......"just shoot me at this point" was the mantra.......

51051989175__A19B1BEC-E6C7-408C-A113-A736F4D34FE1.JPG Comparison between #7 and #8.......which eventually became IMG_0574.JPG It's about 5-10% larger than it could have been but It's perfect as it make me appear much bigger that I actually am.