Birthday Coincidence???

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Sean Bradley

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Hey isn't it kinda wierd that so many of us have our birthday right around this time??? Is
it a coincidence, or some kinda astrological mumbo jumbo? Maybe a conspiracy by the
goverment to breed a race of super creative costume armor makers....?

LOL, what are they putting in our water??? :drink: :drool:

But seriously, what is up??

Heres who I have so far:

(Me) : February 20th

Doom : February 21st

Link : February 24th

BTW, Happy Birthday guys! :birthday:

Anybody else have a birthday right around late Feb/Early March???
Happy birthday Mustang Matt!! :rock: :birthday: And everybody else.
P.S. Oh and I think it's weird to. :mrgreen:
yeah its wierd, the goverment is making Spartans and the better you guys get the more realistic the armor does, but my b-day isn't until April 12th >.>
master commander said:
hey how come every body els gets a happy b-day but not me huh u guys r meen :cry1:

Your birthday isn't till the 11
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