Black Rabbit's Mk VI Build WIP

Black Rabbit

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Hello 405th!

Long time lurker, finally joined in October and started building. I love how supportive everyone here is, which is probably the only reason I had the courage to post.

I've decided to go with foam for my Mk VI build. There was a lot of trial and error before I felt I had anything worth posting.

So far, I have the helmet, cod piece and and a forearm done.

mk_vi_helmet_progress_6_by_malakhite-d88m06y.png mk_vi_helmet_progress_5_by_malakhite-d88lzwr.png mk_vi_helmet_progress_4_by_malakhite-d88lzqa.png

Funny story, I ordered the visor from the US (Canadian here, eh?) and found out my Paypal account mysteriously added Montreal, Quebec as my address when I live in Ontario. So...I was panicking and a little heartbroken as I was really looking forward to getting the visor! I was talking to the gentleman who a makes/sells them and we were trying to work something out. I have an old mail box that the post office hasn't delivered to in years (they phased out single driveway mailboxes for the communal group boxes) and noticed that the flag was up...Someone had redirected my visor to me! So, of course I had to put it in just to see what it would look like:


Then, I put the helmet on and ran around the house with my dog, who happens to be name "Master Chief".

mk_vi_helmet_progress_by_malakhite-d88ly8h.png mk_vi_helmet_progress_1_by_malakhite-d88lxsv.png

Next, I am going to be sanding and filling in the cracks and then coating it in Plasti-dip.

Thoughts/comments are welcome!


Black Rabbit

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Hello 405th!

Unfortunately, I had some major life events arise, and had to put my build on hold... :(
But, I was able to pick it back up recently, and have made a little progress.

So here is the chest progress. I am just working on all the details (I need to fix some as they are bugging me) and figure out the rest of the lighting.


Once I finished the basic form of the chest, I found that it was WAY too big around my lower rib area and had to make some changes. But that is done and I also have the magnets and parachute clips in it.

I also found that the helmet was too wide once I put on the chest, so I had to take it apart a bit and fix that. I'm still missing the front piece that goes against the visor, but that will be done soon.


The cod piece 98%, just need to get a few more magnets and to fix a couple details on the back.


And of course, I had to try it on together so far!



I am hoping to have this project completely finished in 97 days for Anime North (I think I am trying to kill myself with this one...).





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@Black Rabbit
Your MK VI is incredible, love how detailed everything is looking so far!
How long have you spent building this?

Black Rabbit

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Re: Black Rabbit's Mk VI Build (Picture Heavy)

@Black Rabbit
Your MK VI is incredible, love how detailed everything is looking so far!
How long have you spent building this?
Thanks ArcTek!

I started building in of October and had to take a month off, so it has been 4 months.


So, progress has been going ok. Both biceps are done, they just need detailing.

I was at my limit with the foam (stuff never goes how I want it lol), so I decided to tackle another part of the build...the undersuit!

The neck seal, upper arms and front section of the undersuit are done and just need to be attached to each other/ the bodysuit I will be wearing. As you can tell, the neck seal and arms are completely influenced by Blue Realm Studios designs. Here is my progress so far!

Armor Test 1.png Armor Test 3.png
Close Up of Neck Seal.png Cod Piece w Undersuit 2.png Cod Piece w Undersuit.png Neck Seal w Arm.png

Next I intend to:
- Finish the back part of the undersuit, so I can attach it to the front part I have now.
- Attack the sleeves to the neck seal.
- Work on the thighs

90 days left....

Black Rabbit

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looking good
Thanks guys! I appreciate the comments : D

So, since I last posted, I have been able to finish both hand plates and my gloves came in. I have also re-done/re-planned the forearm piece as it was too big for me and I had to figure out how to alter the width since I just don't have the muscle the Chief has :(

tumblr_nl0tt92bm51thdmt2o2_400.jpg tumblr_nl0tt92bm51thdmt2o3_400.jpg tumblr_nl0tt92bm51thdmt2o1_540.jpg

Overall, the new version fits me much better AND I am pretty sure I still have space for the lights :)

I also realized that I REALLY should have some sort of weapon so I don't like I am a lost Spartan who is aimless wandering around at the con, so I have started to experiment with making a magnum.

UPDATE: So, as you can see, I have finished my magnums, minus a little detailing as they are still drying. I have two, because I was experimenting with how to seal them. The top one was done using plasti-dip and then painted. You can’t see it, but the outside edges are rough and you can technically tell it is foam board. The bottom one was sealed with modge podge and then painted. There is duct tape along the edges, so you can’t see the foam board edges. I plan on attaching them to myself with magnets somehow, but I will figure that out when I get the rest of the armor done!

tumblr_nl0xrrctX91thdmt2o1_400.jpg tumblr_nl0xrrctX91thdmt2o2_400.jpg tumblr_nl21fcbHG11thdmt2o2_400.jpg

Also, my v-tac paintball gloves came in. I have attached the hand plate that I have painted (needed to see how the paint works with the plasti-dip and decided on this piece as they are easy to make). I am using gun metal car paint. I will also be accenting the armor with the copper colour that is on the guns.


I hope to have the other forearm done today as well and then I am going to tackle the thighs next!

73 days to go....


Black Rabbit

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So, I have been really busy with work and getting ready for Anime North in Toronto (less than 1 month!). I have been working on my suit constantly and have FINALLY finished putting all the foam together! I have also finished my undersuit and have all the rigging done so that all the pieces will stay in place.

For the rigging, I used heavy duty domes for the biceps, as my undersuit has vinyl on it and the vinyl is strong enough for the domes. The chest has both magnets and parachute clips that allow me to get into it and open the neck area up more. The cod piece also uses magnets and parachute clips and the thighs are done using strapping.

Here is my suit laid out (minus one boot, which is also done it wasn't when I took the picture) with the undersuit beside it.
My GSD cross, who is named Master Chief, ran up to me after I had walked away for a minute with the prop knife in his mouth...he looked awesome, but now my knife has teeth marks as it was made of foam coated in gesso :(

So, now I am going to log off and go work on it more!


Black Rabbit

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Hey 405th!

Sorry for the absence, but it was very down to the wire to finish my armor for Anime North! I also had to help with my friend's cosplay AND got accepted to university again, so I have been getting lots of stuff done for that!
I had a ton of fun at AN and this armor was definitely worth it! I'm already planning my next one :) I will also post a video in the next few weeks. The armor lights up from top to bottom, so hopefully we managed to get some decent video of it!

A want to say a big THANK YOU to those of you who helped me and supported me. I really couldn't have done it with out you!

Long story short: pictures of the finished project.


And for good measure, here is my other cosplay: Shiek from SSBB!




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Nice work on the armor and glad to hear you managed to finish in time for Anime North! One day I'll have to attend and see these builds up close.
Your rendition of the undersuit is neat, especially using velcro to hold pieces in place. (?) Very well done Spartan :cool


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Your build turned out great :D always good to see one with a proper undersuit, it's such an important component.

Black Rabbit

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Alkatraz - Thanks! I really wanted an undersuit for this one and took a lot of inspiration from other members who have done them!
Blazed - Thank you! It is velcro. However, I would recommend against it as if it catches on the base body suit it cause pulls in the fabric which look horrible! I will probably change it so snaps of some kind.

I also have a few other more "professional" pictures that were just sent to me, ignore the flash, I just took a picture of them instead of setting my scanner up:



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How is your mobility in your suit? I'm just curious for my own (from the pictures we have similar proportions!). Sorry if these are silly questions but.. can you squat down kind of far without the shins hitting the back of your knee, or is that normal? Can you pick up a glass and drink, or does your gauntlets hit your elbow making it a bit difficult?

Your suit looks awesome. I hope mine looks as good as yours when I'm done!