Blender problem cuz im a noob

Rusty 714

Jr Member
I am trying to learn the basics of animating in blender because I want to make simple halo animations... but I cant figure out how to add a camera.
Screenshot (144).png

As you can see, the camera option is greyed out and I don't know how to fix that. heeeeeeeeeeelp meeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I have no idea what I'm doing yet so I need an answer that a small unintelligent child could understand. ;)


You're currently in pose mode. You have to go to edit mode to add a camera. You can change what mode you're in by selecting it from the list between Pose and the shading method list, or by pressing tab, which alternates between your two recent modes. To make the camera the active on which is used for rendering, you have to select it in the properties panel in scene properties. But just as a question, why can't you use the default camera?

Rusty 714

Jr Member
One more question... is there a way to append ALL of the files from one project into another. as in...
Screenshot (146).png

If I wanted to have both of these spartans in the same scene, how would I import one, with all of its bones and textures still paired to it, into the other scene. as far as I can tell, when you go to (APPEND) you have to pick a specific object or brush or texture by its self to bring into the scene you are currently working on. so how would I "merge two scenes together" so that I wouldn't have to completely re-rig and texture the character I am importing all over again. If the answer is obvious... sorry I'm a noob remember, LOL. :lol: