Blood Ridge Machinima DEBUT!

Hello all 405th users,

I would just like to take this time to talk about my Halo Reach Machinima Blood Ridge. Blood Ridge is produced by Bangulo Productions which is run by two of my friends and I. Blood Ridge takes place in Hemorrhage formerly named Blood Gulch which is where we got the name. One day, Captain Stein comes in to the canyon and meets Corporal Terd. They are attacked in what they thought was an impenetrable base and naturally have to find out who is behind it. Please check it out as the future of it depends on if we can get good reviews. So please fellow 405thers leave your opinions here.

Thank you for your time.

Disclaimer: There is some slight perverted language. This may be inappropriate for people under the age of 12.

Disclaimer 2: We are very amateur at this so please excuse our poor voice acting.

If you enjoyed follow us on our Facebook Fan Page.
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well for one the voices are really flat. you guys need to put some emotion into it. i also think that the introduction could have been about a million times funnier. plus the masturbation thing is a little touchy. you could loose a good bit of your audience right off the back doing that (especially if jerking off is the only funny part of the show). doctors recommend you do it no more than twice a day and that should also apply to using it as humor in a video. plus tome it appears that you have absolutely no plot. whats going on? some guy is just walking around meets a turd and gets shot at. that's about all i got out of it. your caption says the plot is to find who is behind the attack, but in the video it just doesn't come off very well. just one guy in a banshee makes your bad guys look like low budget mercs. if i was a spartan i would have simply brushed the battle off and went on my way. you definitely need to get more people in on this. plus i feel you need to make it a bit longer. over all the video just makes me feel a little lost. i think you could pull something good out of this so keep trying, use emotion, and think of some more jokes.