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Hey guys I'm new to the 405th and armor building, started my custom Reach S-III build about a week ago. I'm doing it with pepakura and will upload pics tomorrow. Trying to start early so I can have it done for a con in April. Any comments or suggestions will be nice.

CQC helmet(still can't find a pep file for this one, let me know if you have one!
Patrol chest
Operator Shoulders
Rest of it all standard Noble 6 armor.
Going to try and add a data pad to the arm if i have time and also the little light for the armor ability.

UPDATE 12-01-10
Started doing some pepakura, just some practice pieces to start learing, and i think it's working. I really can't fiberglass anything because it's winter in MN and I don't have a garage or an area to let it cure, so I'm just practicing some pieces that I'll be doing for the final build which I would like to look very good.
I've done two shoulder pieces, both of which are missing some small pieces that i would rather get similar looking pieces at a hardware store because they're damn hard to fold and fit nicely.
[/URL] Uploaded with[/IMG]

UPDATE 1-10-11
Finished pepping the vest. There's some pieces that on it that I didn't pep because I'm going to use real materials.

I also got the datapad attachment pepped, wow was that easy compared to the vest. I printed out my datapad design on a transparency, but it didn't turn out quite the way I liked so I'm going to hold off on printing off another batch until I get the LEDs underneath all set up.

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Things are going to be getting completed faster now as I found an indoor place to fiberglass everything(it's been single digit temperatures here in MN for a while now). I'm currently designing a 3d model to pep of the armor power pack:

but I'm new to the whole 3D modeling thing so it's taking a little time to learn.
I'm hoping to have the rest of the suit pepped soon.

UPDATE 2/2/11:
Got about half the suit pepped, and have half of those pieces fiberglassed! I'm going to be started the sanding/bondo process tomorrow along with pepping the other arm and leg pieces. I've decided to wait on Ruze's CQC helmet to be perfected instead of building my own, as 3ds is not easy! I've made a basic copy of the armor power unit, but it's not quite an exact match to be put into pepakura yet.


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Hey, good luck with the build. A little heads up, the CQC hasn't been finished yet, but there a couple of people working on it. It'll be put out sometime in the future (Reach is still new). Sounds like a cool build, and yes, pictures are a must. Good luck :)
After a long hiatus I'm back to work. I have the chest piece just about pepped, and I got transparencies today to start working on the armor power piece and datapad. Already finished designing the datapad in Photoshop and will probably begin constructing it tomorrow or Sunday. I also started learning how to use rhino 3d and it's coming alont nicely I should be able to start making models by next week.
I think your missing out a fact.....your using GUNGIR/Kat's knee......check the Reach ought to find it there :)
I think your missing out a fact.....your using GUNGIR/Kat's knee......check the Reach ought to find it there :)

That picture on the top is not quite accurate, I didn't have all the pieces for my Spartan bought at that point but I have everything update as of now. I'll post up a pictures tomorrow.
All right big updates, pictures first:


Sorry for the blurry pics my phone doesn't take the best pics, I'll have my girlfriend come take pics of the pieces soon with her camera. I've pepped most of the suit, and fiberglasses almost all of those pieces. I've been sanding, and I'm about to start the bondo phase. My datapad is coming along, I ended up taking apart a LED flashlight and wiring it to a plug, but it doesn't show through very well, so I might hook up some super bright blue and white LEDs that I got at radio shack. I got my visor in the mail, I can't wait for the helmet to be finished so I can start that. I'm also working on a foam DMR but I won't be posting pics on that for a bit. Will update with more pictures soon.


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Did a whole bunch of sanding and fiberglassing today. Most of it is still drying hopefully some pics tomorrow!
Gettin towards the end of the project (thank f-ing god). Here's some pics:

CQC helmet, just pepped and first layer of resin put on. Thank you Ruze789 for releasing this.

Every other piece has been fiberglassed, sanded, and bondo'd. Painting began today with some primering and first layer paint. I took pictures before painting, but I'll probably take some more tomorrow and post them up when I have time.


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Out of curiosity, have you thought about making it out of foam? It takes away having to deal with the resin and fiberglass which is why I like it. :) It's still too cold in michigan to work with that stuff.

Anyway, nice work on what you got so far. :) Can't wait to see more progress on this.

Also, for that power pack on the lower back, there IS a file that exists for it already. I can't remember where it's at, but I have the file. Might save you some time instead of making a file of it yourself. :p
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