body filler helllllppppp/ bondo/ silicone

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im looking for some body filler, i cant fine any suitable for my armour i have fiberglass filler? or somthing like that? but i dont know if its suitable to use on my helmet because you cant sand it because it dries like a rock. THESE ARE THE QUESTIONS I NEED ANSWERD:

1. can you get difrent types of filler?
2. would fiberglass filler be suitable for a helmet?
3. is it an urban mytrh that you cannot sand fiberglass filler?
4. if fiberglass filler is not suitable for my helmet where can i buy it from?
5. can i use anything else to smooth and fill the gaps in my helmet?
6. i silicone suitable for the job?
7. am i a noob?

:eek So many questions!

This should probably be placed in Molded Armor discussion...

1. Yes there are different types/different manufacturers of body filler. If I knew more about what you are trying to do with it I could make a specific recommendation.

Polyester Resin: Liquid... brush it on. Should be used with fiberglass cloth, applied in layers.

Body Filler (Bondo) Thick, creamy gap filler. Use a plastic spatula or putty knife to apply.

Fiberglass Strand Filler. Resin with the fiberglass mixed in. Mixes like taffy, hard to apply. Hardens like a rock. Not advisable to use for most armor applications..

2. If you're talking about the fiberglass strand filler ... the stuff that has pre-chopped strand already mixed in, then I guess no. What you want is Fiberglass Resin... it's a liquid... so easier to apply. You may be working with the wrong stuff, I suspect.

3. Of course you can sand Fiberglass .... in any form. Use low grit sandpaper to start, like 60 grit. Also a handheld sander helps alot.

4. Polyester (Fiberglass) resin is your best bet. Remeber... not the stuff with the fiberglass mixed in... that stuff is like taffy and near impossible to apply neatly to your armor.

5. I suppose you could use epoxy putty... the kind that comes in stick form that you mix by hand, but it's gonna be killer expensive. Theres also spot glazing filler... the bright red stuff. It sands easy... can only be built up in 1/8" layers.. isn't structurally strong... shrinks as it dries, and again crazy expensive.

6. Silicone.... what for filling gaps? Nope.... you can't sand silicone... it's a flexible rubber.

7. You're not a noob. You can't learn how to do this stuff without asking questions. Just be sure to do a good deal of research and testing before you start slathering the wrong material over your paper patterns. Proper research and experimentation will yield you better results than jumping in with both feet before you know what you are doing.

Hope that helps... also check these tutorials out if you need more instruction with fiberglassing:

erm... they were available in the TUTORIAL LINKS thread.... *Cough * read* Cough*
ive just been doing some research....and apparently theres somthing called plastic sheet or plastic pads, where you mix it with the hardener, and it dries so i guess its a bit like epoxy resin but easier to sand. but im still not shure where i can get body filler and about how much does it cost? i dont need much.

my main aim is to smooth the helmet put and fill the gaps
Around here you can pick up a gallon of Bondo brand body filler at any local auto store, hardware store, or supermarket for between $14 and $25. Very sandable good stuff and easy to apply as per Sean's descrption. I like it.

You can also get the half gallon for about half the price.
yeah that is cheap i guess im just to impatient...i may aswel wait and get the best than wreck it with cheap or the wrong stuff
ive just found somthing called all purpose filler.. its like a whit powder that you mix with water till it has a cream-like quality then it sets i think they use it for plastering? would this be suitable to put on a helmet?
Just remember, at least its only paper and its not too hard to rebuild. If it doesn't come out the way you want, you can start over. My helmet is now re-inforced with Plaster of Paris. Now I know it was a mistake. Its heavy, brittle... and it sagged my helmet and made it crooked. But I am going to make due with it until after AX, then I will re-make it higher quality.

Trial and error my friend. Make friends with it, because it is inevitable. The more you get, the more grand it will be when you are finished.
:agree: I just didn't have the time to say it.

Also, why are you trying to find alternative materials.... I mean why are you fighting our advice?

Sincerely I think if there were a cheaper, better way to do it.... someone would have by now...

If I had a nickel for every resin thread.... ;-)

Here, dude, read these:
yea thanx sean, im not fighting against your advice im just impatient, i need to get bondo yesterday, but i couldent and i was looking for alternatives, i really should wait get the best rather than screw up what ive already done. so im going to look for some today ;-) , the should sell body filler in any car garage right?, my friend also recomended plastic padding? its similar to bondo but easier to sand? does anyone know about this?
do you live in the UK? looks like they just sell it me it seems like its there version of our bondo....i would try it
ive got my body filler if applied it to the helmet and i have been sanding all day, i think another 3 days work on the helmet and its ready for paint.
i have a dark green metalic colour would this be okay? its like a two colour green and its metalic. i wanted to get an olive colour but if i prime the helmet yellow it should turn out ok.
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