Bondo or Resin filler

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So I've decided to punish myself and not settle for the crappy look of pep, specifically how the sheer edges and polyagonal nature of the paper look nothing like the smooth curved surfaces of the actual armor.

The two methods I've "discovered" for rounding these edges are:

1. body filler (bondo) - layer that badboy on there and just sand the hell out of it.

2. Layered resin - sand, layer resin on the inside, sand more, layer resin

Now my question is for those of you who have advanced past the basic paper folding and resining:

Which seems like a more viable option? Multiple resin coats are going to take a LONG time to cure/dry (NC weather is not ideal for resining)

but Bondo is almost twice as expensive as bondo.

Has anyone explored either of these techniques and can offer some insight/ advice as to what I should do to get more rounded, smooth edges on my armor?
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