Bondo or Resin?

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you resin to harden the crad stock and bondo is the name of the company witch they make fiberglass and body filler
I use the body filler as a quick reinforcer and something that's sculptable for detail. The resin in addition to the fiberglass cloth gives the entire piece strength. A couple resin coats on the outside also will make it tougher and more badass as well as let you get rid of some of those stark fold lines. But make sure you reinforce it first. And there will be a fair amount of sanding involved.

But trying to decide between them, I can't.
you can put resin on the helmet when it dries it doesnt irritant...that what i have been using fiberglass resin.....been doing it for years
How about Bosin....uh.. Rendo.... you can mix them together you know....

By mixing together a mixed batch of Resin to a mixed batch of Bondo Body Filler of equal volume you get the best of both materials... a strong fairly shock absorbent plastic that can be reinforced with fiberglass cloth. It paints on thicker which is convenient for working with molds...

It's the best material that I've worked with for casting armor pieces and helmets. Maybe it'll work that well for laminating your cardstock Pepakura stuff too. Maybe do a small test first?

Thanks Link ;-)
no problem sean glad you love that mixture....if you want to spend a bit more money i would use brushable resin that might work
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