Bondo products Malaysia!!


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To Malaysian users who've made an armor or at least walked by bondo products, can you tell me where you can get it. It be great if its in Kuala Lumpur.
The products I need are:
Fiberglass Resin
Body Filler
Spot Putty.....I would also appreciate it if you could tell me the price.


Ace Hardware ( they have multiple branches in Klang Valley and going to open another in Iskandar Puteri ( 10 - 15 drive from Johor Bahru town )

P.S : As the time of writing this , I have found a branch in Cyberjaya that stocks the most bondo brand fiberglass and bondo brand bondo ( although Hitary 928 poly putty is a more preffered choice locally at least from what I've heard from some and should be in much more common hardware stores )

UPDATE JAN 2020 : Ace Hardware will open in Sunway Big Box in Iskandar Puteri around april 2020 , fingers crosseddd

Im just gonna put this here for ref of future members and update overtime if I get any more findings
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