Bought a house....who's up for an armor building party?

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Been a rough 12 months, but we finally found an awesome house and bought it. In theory, I have 110 more sqr feet in the garage than the old place, plus rafter storage. I sorted and trashed 18 boxes of "stuff" I had been storing for the last 20 years or more....yet, I seem to have less room than before! Hah! Funny how that works. Here's the progress pics of moving. Started off great, then came down to "just shove it in" to get it out of the old place.

It's actually finally starting to get organized and opened up. First thing I did was go in, pressure wash the floors, then epoxy coat them to brighten up the place and make it much easier to sweep up dusts of all sort. I reboxed all my supplies and tooling and will put up cabinet shelves, too, to keep dust off all the boxes. Plus, all my sanders and grinders are being mounted on mobile tables so I can roll them out into the driveway for dusty stuff and nasty stuff like carbon fiber, fiberglass and micarta.

900 lb milling machine is always a bitch to move. I only put one hole in the wall moving it this time, so that's not too bad! :)

My goal is to have everything set back up and organized by the end of September. Then I can start assembling my 30 ton hydraulic press!

I have all sorts of sanding, grinding, welding, milling, lathe, epoxy/fiberglass shaping, metal casting, metal cutting, metal forming, hot forging, sand blasting, airbrushing, vinyl cutting, etc. I plan on building a vacuum form for doing visors also.

I'd love to host an armor building weekend sometime this Fall when it cools down some here in Houston. Looks like there's several members down in this general area. I have plenty of crash space here at the new place, as well for those further out.


My neighbors are going to miss me!! :)

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