BR Winter skin from gamestop.

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ROK GMoney

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hey fellow 405thers. A friend of mine manages a gamestop and hooked me up with a few extra BR codes he had and told me to give them out to my friends. SO if you did NOT order your game from game stop and get the winter camo for your BR let me know and I'll share them with you until I run out!

first come first serve. please 1 per person. :cool
Sweet! hope you have one left!

I'm in! I was supposed to get a free set for wearing my armor but the store was having system issues and couldn't print out codes, and I haven't had time to go back.
Everyone up to McPrimus got codes. I still have a few left for anyone who still wants one.

just remember me next time you all get something cool to share :p haha

Also, if your codes DONT work, (tho they should) I can't be responsible for getting you a new code. These were a stack of extras that I got given to me and I'm just being nice and hooking up some fellow 405thers.. I take no responsibility for them :p
Thats all folks! All the codes have been givin out. Sorry to those who didnt get one. To those who did congrats! :d if i can get my hands on some more next time i go ill be sure to hook up the remaining people :)
Awh, too late. If you get anymore would you be able to share one with me please? Gratz too those that got some
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