Brainstorming: Boot Fitting

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This Brainstorming Thread was requested by Swift

He's asking about ideas for making Spartan Boots.
Questions like,
1: What should you use for the base of the boot?
2: What do you use to make the boots sturdy?
3: What do people use for the Middle Part of a MKVI boot?

Lets Brainstorm!


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Well, Swift.

If you live in a country where many schools make you wear Uniforms, then you ought to find Black School Shoes. They are cheap and good if you are looking for a substitute for boots. As for making it sturdy, I'd say Scale it!! Get a Shoe first and scale it accordingly to the shoe. As for the last question, I'm blank :(


We have uniforms at my school, but I'm lucky because footwear can be anyting enclosed. So black school shoes are out. I've bought some cheap boots from an Army Surplus store, so that's what I've got for the basics.

I'm at a loss as to what to do for the sole, though I may make one from EVA foam, or just leave as is.

And finally, I think I'm just going to use folded/crumpled black cloth for the middle... though the main reason I wanted this thread started is to get ideas going before I commit to any design :p

I'll post back here once I've tried my ways though... probably


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1. I used a black steel toe boot (9" I think?) but I either should have scaled my boot armor larger or just used ankle high boots instead. I'm going to go with the latter, since pepping the HD boots was a pain. It'll really allow more freedom of motion too.

2. Tons and tons of fiberglass. My boots took a beating, but never fell apart. Using the 3 piece HD models, I used nylon webbing on one side to hinge the top of the heel to the bottom, and a buckle on the other side to secure it. As for attachment to the actual boot, I used lots of hot glue. Next time, I'm going to use nuts and bolts to attach the heel and screws to attach the toe for permanent attachment. Also, if I could find some kind of pvc plastic sheeting to go on the bottom for sturdiness, and foam for treads.

3. I'm going to use ribbed vinyl, but I was thinking also these could be used:


Corrugated drain pipe is cheap and you can find it everywhere.


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I envisioned the armor pieces to simply be covers over the real boots. Not sure what you mean by "base" of the boot. Of course, use some kind of a large, heavy duty utility or military style boot, preferably black. My armor pieces have no base, the bottom is all open.

The armor boots should be as strong as possible. I mean, you will use the same method to harden them as the rest of the suit (preferably fiberglass or Rondo), so it's up to personal choice. However, it is a good idea to go with more layers of hardening on them. They will take a beating, probably more than the rest of the suit.

As for the middle connector part, I've gone into detail about how I did that in my build thread. Specifically, the boots were done on Page 13.

Page 22 shows how I padded the boots, and used elastic strapping to hold them down on the real boots.


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I'm planing to use velcro to attach the parts and will be using black 3mm thick craft foam to fill the gaps for my Reach boots.

And to scale your boots, take the heel of the shoe you plan to use and measure the width and compare it to the opening of the pep file, while also taking the side thickness of the pep file into consideration also.

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This is kind of out there, but tell me what you guys think. Once you have your pieces built and reinforced, permanently attach some thicker gauge sheet metal parallel to the sides of the pieces (so perpendicular to the floor) Then bend those into a 90 degree angle and hammer them straight into the rubber side of the boot. That and a little glue and I would be very surprised if it didn't hold. The only concern might be the flex of the boot.

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Well for the middle just go to the local hardware store and get some ribed pipe and than the rest is some fancy straping. I would also recomend measuring the boot to what shoe you are going to ware im your costume.
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