Brandon Mclain?


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Not sure what Brandon is up to at the moment but if we don't hear from him in the next couple days I may have to send Thorssoli a message asking if he still wants to donate a helmet for the traveling helmet. I will still wait a couple days to see if we hear from Brandon first.

Brandon McClain

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Hey guys, sorry if I have been off the grid. I am in Canada, and only get to get online like once a week. I just got a new job and am working between 60 and 70 hours a week, and am looking at them bumping even that up. If you ordered parts from me, you will get them ASAP. I've never missed an order and I don't plan on missing any anytime soon!! When the materials get in I will let you know, I will do pulls probably same day. Getting stuff shipped to Canada from the US takes time, it has to clear customs and this sometimes takes 3 or 4 weeks. I haven't ditched or forgotten!!
i didnt figure you had man...i was just wondering if someone knew more than i did...last we talked you were waiting on is that other thigh coming along...hoping i can get those and the handplates ordered...i finally have everything but the chest and back finished so i am getting to that point of putting everything together


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wow 70 hours a week? i cant even imagine working that long. I'd be exhausted to work on any armor stuff haha
best of luck and congrats on the new job!

Brandon McClain

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Thanks for the patience. The thighs are coming along slower than I would like, but they are coming! And 70 hours a week isn't bad when some days you are making more than $40 and hour for overtime. I drive truck up here, and it pays pretty good. If they put me on the pump this week, it is $39/hr after the first 8 hours, plus $2/meter of concrete pumped, which is around 150-200 metres a week. So its not bad at all for a summer job. Only problem is that I can't work, go to the gym and finish parts all in the same day, I only get to do one or two things a day.
i hear you man...i run a heating and cooling business during the day and teach at community college at night....the only times i get to work on my stuff is the weekend...and not a whole lot of time...i dont want to seem like i am rushing you or anything i just want to have everything done in time for launch...and the stuff i ordered from you would look way better than anything i can to see that other thigh soon