Breastplate construction question


Please correct me if I'm wrong here, but is the inner facing of a Mjolnir breastplate supposed to sit fully flush on the wearer, or is there supposed to be at least some gap in the middle? I'm worried that I may have made the inner facing of mine wrong, since my in-progress outer facing (if it is scaled correctly, which I'm still jury's-out on) looks like it's contoured right and if it is then my inner is too steeply angled (just like my inner v1.0 was)


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If you are talking in game then the chest plate pretty much sits up against the Spartans chest. Cosplay wise there will be a gap just because of the way pep is folded or foam is manipulated to give a 3d shape.
check my build on this page: Project Mini Chief
scroll down to where I have started on the chest plate. After the parts were cut out its obviously flat. Once I start assembling the shape comes around and you can see the parts where will not be flush up against the wearers body.


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I have room for a snack pouch in my Mk V. I keep my phone, power bank and voice amplifier in there.There's no room for anything other than a few straps and wires in my ODST though.


The foam breastplate pattern in the Armory for the H5 Helljumper Mjolnir appears to show a separate piece for the inner surface of the front chest plate. With the way I've cut my current one (photo in my build thread), the front center of the breastplate would push out from my chest somewhere between 2 and 4 inches ballpark estimate; the sides would touch normally. I'm starting to think that my scaling may be off, so I'm probably gonna scrap and start over (again :cry:), but even then I want to make sure that I know how big that center gap between my chest and the inner chest panel should be. I'm confident that my angles for my possibly-too-large outer breastplate panel are correct, since they're at least similar to my reference photos, but if that's the case then I definitely did the inner panel wrong since the outer panel is much shallower; I'd have to bend the front panel to get the side panels to connect the two, beyond standard folding of foam