Brick or Bust (WIP)


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Okay so an update is warranted I guess.

So the project is on going only thing is my heart isnt in the project as of late, I'm basically just doing touch ups here and there and trying to find something to inspire me to work on all the projects I've got in the works.

Needless to say if indont post something in the next two weeks its because of this, sorry to be afk for so long, ot just seems like a waste of time to talk about the reasons why the work isnt getting down rather then getting the work done.


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Okay I've got good new and bad news let's get the bad out of the way soon after my last post callie died from triple organ failure, and had a trip that following week, so that happened, as well as my expended family going nuts.

Now for the good news I've got a shipment of parts in 6k worth of them so I've been pounding things out when I can photos will be posted when I get a moment to
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