Brute Spiker Version 2

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I just started on version 2 of the Brute Spiker. Basic layout /planning and cutting of some materials. I have alot of in game pictures now, so it will be somewhat different than the last one. I couldn't make out some of the details the first time around so this one will be more accurate to the in game version. I am taking pictures as I go so I will be posting them. If anybody has any tips or suggestions please post them here.

I am debating whether or not I should offer a diy kit for these. What do you guys think? It really comes down to is it worth my time to make them and how much detail do I put into a diy kit. Would people want it really detailed for more money or would they want a down and dirty version for less? Details could always be added by the end user. I dont know, I am just writing my thoughts. Opinions on the subject would be great.

I think I will continue to build the front with most of the same materials but add alot more detail. Some small pieces from the front I think I will sculpt/build and cast seperatly and add them to it, like the intake looking parts (front), long bullet looking part(near bottom) and some of the center strip details. The main handle / body I will make with the idea of casting it in one piece and adding other details. I think I can still light the sides with a little creative drilling and dremeling of the cast piece. I think it needs the lighting for the full effect. This time the trigger will turn the lights on and off. Last time I didnt get the switch I needed to do it so this time I will for sure. The trigger last time was spring loaded so you could pull it but that was all.

If I mold and cast the handle/main body what material would you recommend? It needs to be able to stand up to the blades and front part being attached to it. I have done some small resin and plaster molds /castings before but nothing like this. I will really need to search and read all the posts on casting / molding before I try it. If you have a direct link to the best post on the subject slap them on here for me. I still have alot of work to do before I am ready for that anyway.

The guy that bought the first one should be receiving it any day now. It was hard getting rid of it but that HD-DVD player I wanted was calling my name, plus I cant build HD-DVD players.

I must go build now...

That looks amazing. If you ever sell the kit you have at least one garunteed sale and Im sure many others will want it also. Looks like some top notch craftsmanship. Fancy posting a few upclose pictures ?
So you are the spiker creator... I was wondering if you were here on the 405th, nice job, top notch.
If you really want one PM me. I don't think I can discuss selling here. Correct me if I am wrong.
If you like the first version wait till you see the next.

Do you think it should be a slightly darker color than the first one? I might try some different color combos. Nothing crazy, just darker colors maybe. I will put up pics when I get that far. We can all decide what looks best.
Looks great so far. I would be very interested in a DIY kit (or two) if you decided to go that route or if you do some collaboration with Adam. Please PM me about a couple of these.

I can't wait to see more improvements from version 1.
Hey Smick, love the Spikers Next to Links Ar, Seans Sword, Adams Ar, your spiker goes there. Anyway you gain any progress? Wondering if you will sell kits. Some questions.

Could i have demensions for your spiker not ingame but yours.
How much does it weigh again?
Are the blades real metal?
If you search my post the dimensions are listed somewhere. I will post them again later. Yes the blades are metal. I think the weight was around 4.5 Lbs. It will be a little different his time around.

As I am building the next couple of them I will determine if I will make DIY kits. I actually have a few questions for people that would be interested in kits. How diy would you want them? I could just sell the parts pre-cut and ready for assembly and detailing , these would be cheaper but alot more work or I could sell it in sub assemblies (less work more money). I could possibly do it both ways also, I will look into that. Would people want the real blades or would they like to have a template to make them their selfs? I guess that could be optional as well. I could also do a really inexpensive version of just the basic 2 body pieces, the front and maid body/handle for people on a tight budget. I don't know yet. I will be working on it some today. I will keep this thread updated.

Thanks for the kind words everyone, wait till you see the new version.
Do you have any plans on making a gravity hammer? That would be amazing, and I enjoyed the Spikers. More so on the full metal version. Kudos, and keep thought on the Gravity Hammer!
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