Brute's MJOLNIR journey


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Hi there, this is a progress journal i decide to keep after realizing i REALLY wanted to give making a Master Chief costume a try after finishing Reach. I had no tools and next to no knowledge of how to go about it until i stumbled upon this site and what a site this is! So helpful and thanks to a number of users and their very helpful threads i can now give my complete noob attempt a go!

I started with the Mark VI helmet, figured i'd give the most complicated piece a try incase i wasn't up to the whole thing and thats not something i want to figure out after spending all my spare dosh :D

My first piece was a disaster i'll admit. I forgot to resize it and it was way too small for my head, and very obviously out of shape (I suck at pep) But hey i only had card, A knife and a few sticks of Pritt Stick :p

Here are some pics of my first attempt.

Terrible i know but ok for my very first try i suppose.

I ditched that and decided to try the HD model by FS. I left a few details out because papercraft is just abit to fiddely for my fingers so a few of the grooves are flatter then they should be but i plan to try fix that during the detailing phase.

I didn't take many pictures of the helmet in pep stage i'm afraid, and i know the scores and folds aren't very crisp i had to make do with my fingers :p.

This is the plate i'm currently in the process of making (although i cut it in half too early by accident so i may start it again with a bit more scaling)

With my rubbish helm (which is now hamster bedding :p)

and my bicep piece, which i made too big first time (spartan size lmfao) and made a new one.

EDIT: Right now i'm currently hardening my helm and bicep piece while i wait to get more card :)

Next up i am about to fiberglass the inside of my helm :)


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The bottom collar of the helmet did warp because i accidentally leaned it against the floor while the fiberglass was drying, so i cut it off and i'm gonna glue a new collar part on and re-harden that part properly