Build MA5D ICWS and fixing my ODST chest costume part out of foam

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so... this is my first thread after i'm registered long year ago b'cos i'm still can't english language haha lol. and here i come

now i'll try to making my first iconic weapon of halo MA5D icws from halo 4 or 5, made from depron styrofoam from my current local stores that i know and b'cos i just know that type of stryroafoam that fit well in my region.

the first step - sketch
since i don't fit with google image search result, i make my sketch from downloadable 3d model in forum the armory tap menu then inport it to the SketchUp, set the current possition and view mode to pararel projection then Screenshot it

work 1.jpg

after this step, using photoshop to crop the object and make it one piece from the barrel to the butstock

work 2.jpg (this one is other side)
ma5d L view.png

after cropping process, meassure the long dimension range of the weapon, since there's no right dimension when i search it, anyone said use boomco dimension and the other said in game the dimension is depends on who use it, spartans or marines.
b'cos 1 meters is too long for me then i'm use my method, is to find the dimension of the bullet, in halo wiki MA5D icws is using caliber 7.62mm cartridge so then i'm draw some lines then fit it to the magazine and tranform the picture until the mag is fit with the line.

after that then trim it to the paper until it fit enought to print, i'm use A4 paper b'cos i'm asian hahaha....... no not that, i just have the A4 paper lol

work 3.jpg

this one clear then print it
the other work fixing my odst armor chest will post it later after i take my camera picture, see you


now time for update


i'm just realize the size is a little bit tiny from the grip b'cos it doesn't fit in my hand and my finger is too long for the trigger hahaha
well it's gonna be allright maybe i'm in deadline thought :p

cut the paper then tranfer it to the tyroafoam


aaaaannnddddd in this step i realize again.......
1. my styrofoam is not enought for full build
2. my razor blade is not helping in tiny edge
3. i need my electric cutter to work lol.:lol:

anyway next post is after i'm done fixing my electric cutter and when i got my time



after take too long time repairing electric cutter at least i can cut the detail edge but still not too good, maybe my hand is shaking apart hahaha :lol::lol:


this one is need to cut with electric cutter

and the result, my cut is little dump there :p (my camera too)


then the other idea to build come up, so i just make it different plan to cutting more template and here it comes

IMG_20190325_091803.jpg IMG_20190325_091830.jpg IMG_20190325_092113.jpg


then glue it up and fill the blank area with the rest of the styrofoam piece
oh, here i trying to make a reloadable magazine so that's why i make an square part there
then weathering to cure the glue


last session electric cut the wire is break maybe the output adaptor is too high, that's why the is glowing red :D:D. Aww my bad then


then i forget to take a picture from making my ODST chest armor replacement so here the rest of the picture


because the eva foam from my region is little bit different so i can't see the line were i drew the template with a marker or likely
so i use sticker paper then transfer it to the eva foam

see you next update


time for update now
after i got a flood disaster in my room so that my paper sketch and the other stuff have been destroyed hahaha:lol::lol::lol:
especially my floor got cracked (it serious)

this two picture taken before disasater lolz:lol:


now time for after disaster progress
i just got little progress after cleaning up my room so here the custom body barrel part


i draw it manually the dimension is 28x8,5 cm for each cell is 3x2,5x3 cm
and for the cooling hole just use the imagination as long as it fit enough


fold it and make side part look curved enough then assembly it to the head


this one look enough

now i still do some detailing part, maybe it will take long time since i must clean up my room myself

see you guys thanks for your like i appreciate it


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- Last Update -

but first want to apologize for long update, trully it take forever to cleaning my room than i tough HAHAHA:lol::lol::lol:
then after that i got a final test semester in my university after my work deadline pass
so that why it took long time from the last one update:p:p:p

and thank for the like my friend

now here for detailing from last time :v
i decide to re print the sketch and set it together then cut for part that have a tiny part or any kind the detail that comes up

from this part i use a 2mm local eva foam and just like before put it on, cut it and make it two pieces
then glue it with styrofoam glue (i just buy it from local store lol) and see the result
for the detail that not comes up like valley, slice and carve it follow the sketch





and for the front detail i use roll cardboard and 5mm local eva foam and 2mm too



in fact i almost forget for this part, i just remember it after do some coating
(sory no pict for MA5 coating)


now all set, re-coat it and pant it and sorry there is no picture for this process
coat is cure for almost half day in shiny and hot weather it almost take 1 hour for dry
by the way i coat it with fox wood glue,
platidip is way too expensive in my local store here

for panting............. i........ am.... use avian paint or maybe that is.... a car paint (LOL):lol::lol:
i remember there was a car paint there when i use it for painting proccess
here the result


now you see that cracked and broken floor. Trust me that's where the flood come out from my room
shinjite kudasai :p


and now for my odst part
here is my current odst chest


and i want to replace it with an new one
and since i'm just using 5mm local eva foam this chest need to look thicker
stack it with another 5mm eva foam that look similar then carve it like the base model

actually that a my last left over eva foam

now do some coat with fox wood glue and let it dry for a moment

this coat has been half way dry

after it leally dry paint it with surfacer first, let it dry then pant it with another color
i'm planing to paint it wth the same color from before, but the color was run out
then i decide the yellow one like Tarkov from the youtube video We Are ODST
because that day was a deadline.........!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA:lol::lol::lol:
i run out of idea too hahaha


try too compare it.... look terryfic:cool:


try to fit it...... not good, need some battle damage

good enough:cool:

thank you guys for liking my post you're welcome to commenting my works
i'm lonely here b'cos i'm the only one here where make and wear halo costume in my country :notworthy::cry:
i still don't know there's another one

thank you for seeing and liking my post and here some picture after deadline
the japan con than name J-chosokai


this not me LOL, it's just my friend but not in halo interest, he know halo game but can't make it, he just apreciate my work for long time:D


now me and guest star in back stage

this one photo session from Ands Studio

and Epiloge
before event

my damn aisoft friend take my picture then share it to the Facebook so i got famous in the event for the name of "Kutukan" Cursed
HAHAHAHAAAAA:lol::lol::lol::lol: that call for who almost can't finish the costume in time so that don't have time for break time
beware of Kutukan..... hahaha:lol::lol:
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