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Building a bloody brute

Discussion in 'European Regiment' started by mombo240, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. mombo240


    So i brought my farther to his first welsh convention about a month ago whilst i was in my spartan Armour with my sister he was on the side lines getting bored of us stopping for photos and talking to other cosplayers. When we got home he asked me how hard would i be to build a cosplay or how he put it a halos enemy i told him the right amount of effort and time we could do anything he wanted so he picked an enemy from the game in this case he picked the halo brute after talking about it with him i jumped online and started checking out other cosplayers who have built a brute in the past it mostly came up with cardboard Armour and monkey mask's with this in mind he wanted to go big so i showed him a few of the live action brutes from the odst live action and the landfall trailer this is where you picked the furry bugger from landfall. So to cut a long story short here are some progresses shots.
    Screenshot_16.jpg Screenshot_17.jpg Screenshot_20.jpg Screenshot_19.jpg Screenshot_21.jpg
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  2. CommanderPalmer


    Damn, this build looks cool! @_@
    I *hate* Jiralhanae with passion, but I have to give credit when it's due... It's going to be outstanding when finished, just telling after these few photos.

    What convention are you and your dad attempt when you finish it? Gamescom, by any chance?

    PS. I also wish you would have posted it in the 'Halo Costumes' section in the forum, as it would get a lot more attention than here in the European section. ;_;
  3. mombo240


    Thank you its time consuming but will be worth it and not really posting for attention just wanted it somewhere haha cant make it to gamescom at this time but you never know in the future as for now it will probably just get shown at local welsh conventions maybe a few English ones i just got a load of fur deviled to me so the whole bottom under suit has just been finished hoping to build and fit Armour on this weekend.
  4. Mesh


    When you need to overthrow the Sanghelli at 4 but FurryCon is at 5 :b
    Didn't actually realise how far you've gotten alone with this, been watching it on your facebook but I must have missed a few o.o
  5. mombo240


    haha i don't always post to my Facebook page with progress shots so you probably haven't missed anything dude also this will be one of the most ugly furrys at a con xD
  6. CommanderPalmer


    DO you have a facebook page?
  7. mombo240


  8. B Carter

    B Carter

    I already saw some pictures on your FB page and it's just awesome :D And it's also cool to turn your dad into cosplay and conventions :D
  9. mombo240


    haha thank you !! , i either had two choices let him complain for months about wanting too or say **** it a build him a suit.
  10. mombo240


    Screenshot_1.jpg another lil progress shot of the bottom half of the brute about 80% finished just need the belt ,leg and shin Armour and i will be done with the bottom half. *progress!*

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