building from scratch *update: added pictures*

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well, ive finally begun work on my suit :p. i actually started off at a slightly different place than most people: the gloves, because i didnt have sufficient cardboard laying around to do anything else (and after this, im not sure if i will continue using cardboard, because all my x-acto knives are dull as hell).

about the gloves: yes, i am working from scratch. i don't want to be a lazy bum and use pepakura ;-) i think they are looking okay, and they are h3. my one big mistake, is i screwed up on the top of the glove, and chopped off the part where the hole goes :p. i am working in layers, so i have 2 top layers, which have the holes and whatever in them, and i will very soonly have a bottom one that has the little "wings" that are seen by the index and little fingers.


yeah, i noticed that. i'm doing a redo (and i'm making a template this time!) for my full suit. (which is gonna be CQB!)

actually, what really bugs me are the "wings"on either side, which are ridiculously small for the thing, which happened when i was trimming them to get the right shape, so i'm just gonna learn from my mistakes:)

actually, i just hauled in 2 freezer boxes, a box for a cooking range, a weird shaped cardboard tube, and miscellaneous shipping leftovers to use in the suit
Reusing discarded materials is the poor sculptors friend!

I bring home lots of discarded materials from work to use in the studio... boxes and packing material for shipping, old electronic parts, and padded lasertag vests....

Its a real money saver... kudos!
Just wanted to quickly catch you and tell ya, your missing the 3rd hole at the top of the hand guard
At the Lasertag arena I work for....

or Lasertron... in Buffalo New York.. which is who we order from. But I get the old ones... all stanky with thousands of peoples sweat and fog juice...

I clean them up, and intend on using them for armor projects. They're already broken in!

Would make a sweet ODST base... or Marine for that matter.
SPARTAN-053 said:
Just wanted to quickly catch you and tell ya, your missing the 3rd hole at the top of the hand guard

yeah, i mentioned that in the 1st post. its one of the reasons im redoing it :p

@sean: lucky duck!
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wow sean your place has the set up!! sounds like my kinda place to work in ;-)

And good job w/ the gloves caboose!
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