Building Master Chief for special occasions

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I’ve been one of those guys that has been observing from the outside for awhile. I’ve built some props in the EVA foam world but i have a 3D printer now. I want to build a Master Chief suit. Not for profit or resale. I’m trying to find some local builders with the same interest that I have. With the thought of working together and using the builds to visit local community centers, schools and hospitals. I live in middle Tennessee.
Hi bladedcsdean007, welcome to the 405th!

Building and completing a Spartan suit takes a lot of work and commitment. Many people have this goal and through life and other challenges are not able to see it through. If you're lucky and find people with this perseverance that live near you.. you might still find it hard for people to want to jump on board with you without any track record.

I'd recommend posting things that you've done and regardless of finding people to join up with right off the bat you should still chip away at making a suit. Just start small, a handplate or knee. And build up to bigger pieces.

Here's a link about getting started.

Happy building!
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