Builds By Baz - Full scale MKII Colonial Viper


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It's been a while.

After a massive purge of social media and extraneous hobbies, I've been able to focus on the Viper.

I've taken the port wing off, put the Viper up on it's dolly trolleys and now it pushed around the shed at the slightest touch. The starboard wing is now fabricated and waiting for a block of time where I can do the final shaping and sanding on it. I've also got the starboard wing on saw horses, where I can concurrently shape and sand it's underside.

The landing gear has got a fresh primer coat on it, as the bare steel was starting to flash-rust.

The rest of the ship has been filled in with loose/broken panels, gaps and alignments and sanded in readiness for fibreglassing. All the fibreglassing materials are now here.

I drilled the 30mm bore in each cannon end and mounted the second cannon. This week I have also been working late nights on electrical and lighting. There is a new 80 amp power supply in the back end to run all the studio and sub woofer speakers in the engine nacelles, as well as the motor drive for the turbines and the lighting in the rear thrusters.

Cockpit instruments are all retro-fit with LED lighting to the instruments.

I reckon between kids and job, I am a mere few weeks away from fibreglassing the hull.

I'm mostly on Facebook with the WIP now, so come and say hello. Log into Facebook

Back to it.

Cheers, Baz.









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Started fibreglassing.


RYNO 666

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There's a similar product that I used in the past called Aqua Resin. I even did some armor with it. It's a great, safer alternative but definitely different. Seems to have more of like a rocky pumicey type of consistency when sanding. However, that can also work in a favor because it's so rigid and strong.


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I've got one wing fully fibreglassed and am now starting on the other. I've also added a steel finishing band around the end of the nacelle, which will tighten over the wet fibreglass once it is laid over the join, to hide the transition and pull it all together.

The canopy rescue handle in the show was varied, depending on which season it was shown. The plain sticker looked cheap, the Suzuki motorcycle tank fuel cap is too recognisable and doesn't make sense, so I decided to fabricate my own out of sheet aluminium and some socket head cap screws.











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