Builds By Baz - Full scale MKII Colonial Viper


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I got all the intakes done inside and out, plus about a metre of the top nacelle and the port nacelle. Now I'm out of resin, saving up for the next batch to finish it. There's still a top coat to go, some body-filler, and sanding with the big orbital, before a final paint.


In the meantime, I thought I'd try to make the RCS ports look a little more technical with some detail in the holes.






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Started sanding the fibreglass. Port wing back on so I can do this as well as start hooking up the nav light electrics.


The flight suit is all but finished. I brought it all home to put on the last couple of bits of the ensemble and to look for anything that needs adjusting. The pre-flight check list pocket somehow snuck up the leg too far and we didn't notice it until it was all on. I'll have to unpick it and move it down the leg so it's readable in the sitting position in the cockpit.

My friend and tailor, Alistair, who has previously worked in the costume departments of quite a few blockbuster movies and TV series, was the man who did all the sewing machine work. I have him to thank for his patience and expertise. I just provided material, consultation and reference, plus a little bit of grunt work when it came to cutting, glueing and sourcing accessories.

Sometimes I cringe at cosplay, especially when a grown adult is playing fantasy dress-ups. I have to remind myself that it's an art-form, requiring a mature approach, patience and skill, to achieve something special. The Viper itself has taught me so much and though I can't use a sewing machine, the opportunity to see what goes into a costume for a movie, was eye-opening.





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