Bumble Bee motorcycle bike prop from RWBY


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Hey everyone,

So this is a project I've done before last year except it was all made from scratch, tires, rims, frames, literally everything.

That was for RTX 2017 and for this RTX 2018 I wanted to go in a slightly different direction. I decided this time around I would start from a base motorcycle. I went on craiglist and found a junker 2007 ninja 250. I proceeded to take everything I didn't need, the motor, electrical, etc. The only thing I left on the bike was the brakes.

From there I create 3D files for the front fender, gas tank, and tail. Now on the first bike I did the ol pep and fiberglass route. That actually became a major problem because paper tends to bow down, which created a need to use nearly 2 gallons of bondo to only end up making it look less diveted.

So this time around I decided to go another route. I would instead make the pieces using EVA foam and then put fiberglass on the outside of those parts to make my pieces! The reason why is because EVA foam is because of its ability to not warp and retain its shape.
36818966_2262049600705734_1893408694327050240_n.jpg 36725242_2262049667372394_6989170761470574592_n.jpg 36786396_2262049604039067_7482698203549138944_n.jpg

So with that I used spray glue to apply the fiberglass sheeting, so I can then use a paint brush and apply the resin. I did this in two layers. I first used a mesh layer and then a cloth layer. I did it this way so it would be stronger and leave a pretty top coat for me to bondo on.

So far this has worked out pretty well. Looking back I would probably go with a third layer, but hey it works!
As of last night this is where I am. I've been sanding and smoothing and go to a point where I wanted to make the bike seat fit with the tail section.


That's so awesome! I'm actually heading to RTX myself this year hopefully I'll get to see it! I know this would be extra but are you going to add lights or anything to it? can't wait to see the rest of the build!


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I do plan to add lights and tail lights. It wont run, but I did have plans to add a hub motor. Ill see you there at RTX and the bike will be there on saturday and sunday!


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This is pretty neat.
Have you tried pop-riveting aluminum flashing? It doesn't warp like paper but its almost as flexible.


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So the bike is starting to look better more and more. I need to figure out a good way to mount the front fender. I think I have a good idea to do it with. Other thing I need to figure out is making a headlight and tail light that can last the whole day.