Bungie Beta Email

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Yay I got my confirmation for the Bungie beta testers! Only problem is that the link was taken off about 2 minutes after I got it. Anyone else get in or have the same problem?
I got an email too, and this is what the link now says:

We have had to suspend the survey for the moment due to technical difficulties. Don't worry, it'll be back soon and you'll get another chance to fill it out. You have not missed anything. If you feel like ranting email: playtest@bungie.com

EDIT: jeeze I hope I can still like test games and stuff since I am only 14...
I got one as well but i didnt get in ever thought I happened to be on my Email right when they sent it. Darn..... ):
I got the one a few days ago when the link didnt work, but I havent gotten another one since :'(
I got one like last week and the survey and everything worked fine. I guess I'm like official now but I don't even play video games.
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