ButterBacon300's Noble Six Armor 3d Print and Foam Build


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Finished painting the hand plates and permanently glued them to an old pair of paintball gloves!
Screenshot_20220213-164356_Video Editor.jpg

Plus! Started printing shoulders...


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The chestplate (although unfinished) is starting to look pretty good.... however... I noticed after it was far too late that I accidentally made the female version of the chest plate lol

Good thing the mcc decided to change it to light armor vs heavy armor and had the player choose their gender separate to their body type lol


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I finished my chestplate!

Ignore the fact that this is a screenshot from my tiktok lol (I didn't feel like putting the armor back on after I filmed in it)

Screenshot_20220622-192402_Video Editor.jpg

I'm really happy with it! :D I think it turned out a lot better then my last version.

Edit: forgot to mention I repainted the helmet a little

I added more weathering as well as a silver panel on the top (like how it Is in infinite)
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