!!!Buyfullbodyarmor Masterchief build steps!!!

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Hey everyone im Universal im fairly new here but ive been wanting to post this for a while. The stages of what we at buyfullbodyarmors did to make the actual masterchief costume.Also if you have seen the buyfullbodyarmors halo masterchief that is the finished product but we are still working on the railgun that comes with the suit. If you have any questions about this and also if you have any helmet designs you might want us to make because we are making different helmets that you can buy for the suit so that will be cool. Anyway lets get started with the first thing that we did.

Well the first thing that we actaully built for the armor is the helmet which took a bit to design but was all worth it at the end. The helmet was design by the amazing artists in the group and we really appreciate there work,so anyway heres the first photo of the helmet in the early stages:
Please excuse the no t-shirt bit XD just focus on the helmet.

We decided to not color the actual helmet in yet because we wanted more of the suit to be done before this. The next part of the suit we did do was one of the main bits the body which wasnt fully completed straight away as you will see in the picture but was completed after, it was amazingly designed and we were trying to get as close to the actual masterchief body as we can. Here are two photos of the body one in early stage and the other one with the helmet:
Ill post more of the armor being built soon and i want to know how you think it looked in the early stages and if you have any ideas for the actual armor we should improve in or maybe a helmet you might want us to make.

Thx guys Universal OUT!!!! XD
Why does he helmet go from painted to unpainted? The quality seems to differ greatly between the two shots.

Forgive the bluntness, but given the track record you have here, I'm a bit skeptical of this. Past aside, the pictures don't seem to tell the same story.
Its fine and also both of the helmets weren't colored they both are in different light there if that's what your saying :)
They're trying to sell their product. Which needs to be in the Market place section, definitely not in in the recruit section. If I'm not mistaken they already have posted a similar thread a few weeks ago. I think someone already corrected them on that. If you wanna sell something, please follow the forum rules.
Im not trying to sell it i just wanted to show it :( Im so sorry if im making this look like im trying to sell it but i just wanted to show it off this is what ive been wanting to do for a bit.
Sorry that I don't have anything to say about the armor, I am not buying this.
First, you already made that thread where you tried to sell the armor to people here - it got locked of course.
Now, after a month, you started a thread with a rookie question basically "i'm new, now to build armor, what to use, etc." and then suddenly you offered people discount codes for your website.

And now this? Saying you're not trying to sell it at all and just sharing?

I'm not buying it, it's too shady to me.
And to top it all off, your thread headline in misleading. "Full Body Armor Masterchief build steps" indicates you are building an MC armor set and you are going to show the steps you did. Your selling a full suit. Where is the "build steps" come in to? Not for me and I agree w/ SavedbyGraceG12. This belongs in the market place. And if you want it there you have to get the required days and posts in to be a full member......don't skip around the rules and push your stuff in the New Recruits area.
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Someon please lock this thread then I'm done until I get make a new one from scratch to show you all :( I'm not going to post anymore of these unless it's in market later on down the track I'm going to only post comments and build armies from scratch to show you. Also about the title I didn't know what to put I was going to put process but didn't know if it sounded right sorry everyone :(
Ok, first of all, I'm gonna call wang here. Based upon previous threads created by you, as extolled by my fellow Spartans here, this really looks like you stole pictures off of Facebook or Instagram or something. You have set yourself up for disbelief with the pattern of posts you have made and now that you are just tucking tail and running instead of standing firm and shown build pics.. It doesn't look good..
It's just the wrong place for it Universal That's great that you made a costume! We all love making costumes. Most people aren't here to buy costumes. There are lots of sites out there to buy and sell costumes. If you had started here in the very beginning of your build we would have loved to comment and critique, but now that you're done it just feels like advertisement and we're about building. It would be best if you put your efforts towards websites that sell products.
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Alright, guys, break it up a little. The last thing we need here is to discourage people from posting their creations and showing off their work. If it's in the wrong section, please remember to use the 'Report' function to notify a staff member, and it'll be moved in due course. The same goes for 'shady' business dealings - if you have a problem with somebody's post, or if you think it should be flagged up for review by the higher powers, again, please use the 'Report' function.

I get the feeling that Universal isn't a native English speaker, which may be resulting in some communication issues here. Let's try and give them the benefit of the doubt, chill out a little, and instead of jumping on them and accusing them of scamming - REGARDLESS OF WHAT YOU MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE SEEN ON FACEBOOK - try to guide them kindly and gently around the forums and our policies. And, as above: if you see 'problem behaviour'. please don't take it upon yourselves to police the forums. Use the 'report' function. The last thing we need are backseat moderators taking things into their own hands - that goes for everyone involved here.

Keep it clean, folks.
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Thx everyone as I said before I'm sorry and I didn't get photos off Facebook just to make that clear XD Can't wait to get a real start here and to have fun seeing everyone's creations!
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