C2E2 2021 Info and Roll Call: December 10-12th (Chicago, IL)


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Heads up for those planning to attend C2E2 still. Keep an eye on their health guidelines. Currently they are planning to require face masks for all attendees, and those masks have to be visible at all times. So most helmets are likely to be out of the question at least at this point. While less of an issue with planning, they will also be doing temperature screenings for everyone entering and you will be unable to enter if your temp is above 100.4 F

Health and Safety Guidelines
Face Covering Guidelines

Hope this helps you plan out in advance if you need to make any changes or want to build another suit (can we get a bunch of people to build Marines?)

Things can still change between now and December, but be prepared.


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I am officially planning on not showing up this year. Cons are just too iffy of a chance for me already experiencing COVID last winter. And the mask policy while not opposed heavily complicates costume.


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Due to the mask policy I will no be attending. I don't mind wearing a mask, however being unable to wear helmets or costume masks since you can not see the persons mask, I cannot justify spending the money on a con I can't wear my cosplay I spent so much time and money on.


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The levels of debauchery that will ensue are unfathomable
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I will announce in here, that I too have decided not to attend C2E2 this year as well. That mask policy is a real bummer, not that masking up is a bad thing, just the fact of no helmets allowed. Here's to 2022 hi-jinx and mayhem.


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I won't be attending this year either. I've gone back and forth, but have ultimately decided to not attend.

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