C2E2 2025 Info and Roll Call: April 11th, 2025 - April 13th, 2025


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Description: Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo is one of the Midwest's fastest-growing comic, pop-culture, and cosplay centric "Comic-Con"'s of the region. Celebrities, artists, voice actors and the like are all invited each year to the McCormick Place Center in Chicago each year to celebrate all things pop culture, and to give their fans what they want; a place to geek out over all their favorite media

Date: April 11th, 2024 - April 13th, 2024. (Condensed: 04/11/2025 - 04/13/2025)

Location: McCormick Place Center South Building, Chicago IL. (Google Maps link here.)

Event Website:


We are currently ironing out details for this convention as of earlier this year. We would like any and all help from members for securing intel as follows:
  • Photographers and/or interested photographers willing to work with Regiment Staff on photoshoots.
  • Members planning to attend who may need room accommodation assistance and/or roommates.
As a member who has frequented this convention successfully since it's early days I will now provide additional details/information to be taken with a grain of salt due to it being opinion, and in no way to be taken as fact or 100% accurate information.

  1. Out of the few years, I have gone, for anyone who plans on driving each day or keeping their car in any location, I highly suggest bypassing Lot A and Lot B and going straight for Lot C. Not only has it proven to always have space, it is also always the last lot the con will attempt filling. Saturday it is always suggested to embark on the journey to the con early for Saturday because of how fast these lots fill up. As well as that, the walk to and from Lot C yield wonderful areas for photo shoots, whether they be indoor or outdoor. Inclement weather this year, in particular, must be factored in due to how early the convention will be.

  2. Plan for heavy security routines each day of the conventions. Make sure your weapons are properly tagged before the convention to expedite the trip through the metal detectors and with staff as each day passes by. You will have to pass through them every time you leave the con's main area so make those trips in and out counts.

  3. This convention varies in how strict they are on how present your pass must be while on the show floor. I suggest integrating your lanyard/pass into your suits for ease of access and easy to hide for photos. ( One of our members has a perfect example of this by his magnetics on his suit concealing the lanyard and he is able to remove the plate with ease in checkpoints)

  4. The Hyatt hotel is directly connected to the convention center and makes for a large hub of pre and post con day activities. As well as that, it has a few bars and a restaurant connected to it. It makes for a great space as well to plan out daily activities with friends and other members. Unfortunately, you have to go through security to go from the Lot C approach entrance to the hotel and vice versa each time. Goes back to the saying, Make your trips count. Carrying quick repair kits with a handler or on your suit is suggested for this con in particular. You can also bypass walking the long haul through the con center by walking out the Hyatt and around to the Hilton, which is a measly 7 minute walk.

  5. The green line runs through and to McCormick Place. While this info will not help everyone it is good to note.
Local Hotels: (Descends by Distance)
  • Hyatt Regency McCormick Place (Connected to Con Center) (HERE)
  • Marriott Marquis Chicago (Connected to Con Center) (HERE)
  • Hilton Garden Inn (West McCormick) (HERE)
  • The Wheeler Mansion (HERE)
  • Chicago South Loop Hotel (HERE)
Final Thoughts:

2025 Will be our second year as official exhibitors of C2E2 following our massively successful run of 2024. A lot will stay the same from before in regards to logisitcs aside from heavier delegation and more involvment of our new Battalions and outside regiment staff guests!

C2E2 Health and Safety Protocols

Coming Soon: Booth Sign Up, Room Assignment, Travel Plans

Confirmed "Boots on Ground":

- Spidermonkey60
- JTF4
- CallumWinree
- MicaHusky
- nerdman234
- Purplehazey
- SSGLordBert
- SSGLordElmo
- SSGLordErne
- Rock Lobbster
- MrJamin
- Wicked Demon 15
- marinesniper
- Negativecacti
- RunsOnStories
- MrBones
- OFiveTwo
- SigmaProps
- Wayward Flood

Tentative Attendees:

- Emp Frosty
- NobleofDeath16
- CherriDragon
- Anlace cos
- Bloxxer
- Fallen
- Lieutenant Jaku
- Soloakel
- SpartanSweed

Hotel Reservations: Coming Soon

Badge Purchase:

Dinner Plans:

Coming Soon


Official C2E2 Meet Up:
Main 405th Shoot Details:

The photoshoot will be on Saturday, April 12th, 2025
Time: Coming Soon
Indoor Shoot: From the right from Hyatt-side convention center entrance, by escalators.

Photographer Information:

Coming Soon

Shoot Details:

All group photos that are listed as staple 405th posing and groups will be available for free to all members,
and payment is NOT required to participate in the shoot. It is encouraged for professional personal and group content. A list will be curated for the photographers beforehand and they will run this as a tight schedule to allow time for custom content/groups/videos per my directive.

After the shoot, we will proceed from our shoot sight demonstrating a "Show of Force" walk from site to the main convention floor, large C2E2 letters, and perform what we can of a large lap/walk through of the center within reason. It is encouraged during this time to play your part of the Halo Universe; be courteous, be inspiring, and keep it clean.

Location: See Above for Directions


Coming Soon
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