c4d chief model?

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hey, i'm just starting out with animation and i really wanted to animate master chief. i suck at modeling and im not exactly sure how to rig models correctly. if someone has a rigged model of master chief (it doesn't matter which one it is, H1 H2 or H3, preferably H2 but i don't really care) pm me if you have one. im using cinema 4d r10.

please help
You should try rigging by youself first.
You won't truly appreciate your finished product until you do the whole thing by yourself.
I don't know how many people will honestly lend you their models. I think only one person has it and I don't think he'll share too well. But you never know.

I'd say just give it a go by yourself first.
well the problem i have is that i don't understand the program that well, and i can't find any good tutorials for c4d r10. and another problem i have is that i'm terrible at modeling (i'v tried but i just can't do it).

oh well thanks anyways

if you could give me the name of the guy that has it, it would be greatly appreciated.
paradoxdj said:
another problem i have is that i'm terrible at modeling (i'v tried but i just can't do it).
Don't you think you should get better at that first?
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Cinema 4D isn't going to work unless there is a Chief model that has been made or saved. If you're on MAc, then your screwed, if not, DL 3D Studio Max or Maya since I'm pretty sure those are the packages Bungie uses. You don't have to be good at modeling to animate, but you should understand how a rig works at the least.
I am Probably the one in which sarge speaks :p. I am typically not one to give out anything really so you are out of luck there. Also, no disscussion on locations to get these models please ;o. We don't really allow it here all that much.

I second Skullcandy, I would suggest downloading a trial of Max 2008 or something to that degree. It's a lot more compatible.

As for rigging, it's a easy process but some find it tough. Only takes me about 20 minutes for the chief though.

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