Calgary Expo - April 26 - 29, 2019


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At the recent Edmonton Expo, FlyinPhil, Viper 466 and Jedi Ranger

For Calgary Expo, we aren't going to have a booth but want to do things up in a different way - with lots of costumes and group stuff. I'm thinking of having an a-frame sign with us so we can get the 405th logo in shots etc.

I'd REALLY love to see some of our other Canadian Regiment and even members of Pacific Regiment (~cough PerniciousDuke cough~ members join us for the fun. It's a great con to make a trip for and I think we could make a really big splash. Have a look at your calendars and see if you can make it work! I'm lookin' RIGHT at you TurboCharizard and BlazedStarbon. hehehe BlazedStarbon can tell you how much fun she had last year!

Viper 466 has also requested that we do another panel there which I'm all for.

If anyone has any other ideas or wants more information about joining us there, let me know!!


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I don't know... do you have any weird bars? Lol. Just poking fun at TurboCharizard

I definitely appreciate the offer. I'll have to look into it and see if my boss (dad) can afford to have me gone then. I don't get much time off. :(


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I'll likely be doing a trip across the mountains for Otafest again but this time driving a van load of nerds over, not sure if Calgary Expo is in the cards.

Maybe if I can snag a cosplay guest spot or something like that I can justify the trip and write it off as business expenses. Looks like April-May 2019 could be another three con month.

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I just had an interesting idea for a panel: how about something set in-universe?! Like a UNSC military briefing set during the covenant war, or even at the beginning? Or maybe a briefing on Reach or Harvest? Planning for evac, and meeting with various planetary officials (the public/expo attendees). Think a live Halo version of Orson Welles 1938 radio production of War of the Worlds!

Or a briefing regarding the insurrectionists, and then suddenly news of an alien attack (Covenant first contact).

Or later in the timeline and its a briefing about the Spartan program. Have a glowing holopad, and have Cortana (cosplayer) give a short briefing on some aspect or urgent news.

We'd need to gather and use clips from numerous sources. Heck, maybe even pre-record some clips (audio and/or video) with other people (friends) in costume.
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What, no booth?! Here I was, ready to offer to sit at it all weekend. :lol:

Hands down, Calgary Expo 2018 was an absolute blast! A few changes have occurred with my work schedule, so I wont be able to confirm attendance until about the end of the year...:cry: (Got the dates, just waiting on reconfirmation that I won't lose them.)

(I can fast-track this process if people require accommodations, though.)