call me crazy but i belive it.

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ok well firsst of all. im gonna tell you what i am leaving for. one. my brother is in this group called "Digimon Are Real" its a group for digimon believers on msn. i joined about feburary. in july we were told that the gate to the digital world was opening in the 31 of agust [this friday] problem is. none of know where or when its opening on that day. so were all gonna sit back and pray tht it comes to us. prolly one by one. our friend [on the group] Lee says he has a prophecie that he is to sacrifice himself for sumthing. he sed if the portal doesnt open for me and my brother. that he'd do all he could to get it open. even if it kills him. so just giving you the heds up. and like i said. call me crazy... just dont ban me o_o oh. and my brother is gonna kill me if he found out i posted this.

ps. dont tell the goverment our police. if the goverment find out. its bye bye bye bye group. and theyed take over and use them for what ever the gove dus. [super weapons.
Okay. Kind of starting to sound like "The Great Journey", but um, good luck, and dont get killed ? Sounds a little strange to me...
what you dont think japan is smart enough to make a computer like dimension with living breathing computer creatures? :D jk but ya.
dont worry. i gotta 12 foot partner ;D
Ares said:
Now I've heard some weird prophecies but COME ON.

Personally I agree, ....your looking for trouble if you go ahead with this Frag.. (especially if someone "dies".....)
I reccomend you walk away.... :whistle:
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Fragclone said:
yes yes i know. oh and the leader of the group is a girl :p

Theres the problem. Women equals=teh crazies.

Guys will do lots of things for women, therefore, guys=woman=teh crazies, so we see that guy is willing to do=teh crazies.

I am awaiting friday now.....ill be looking on digg for news of the portal.

In all seriousness though, I reccomend getting out now before anything else odd or really bad happens that can be linked to you or your brother...
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Dude,I know LSD is a hard drug to quit.But you gotta do it sometime.JK,Dude I agree with the others,Just walk away.
Hey! thats the teeth I'm getting all four of my wisdom teeth taken out, so maybe my mouth=portal?
and the Digimon are in my stomach?
this might be one of the strangest things i have EVER read.... wow.. very weird

anyways. get outta it dude cults=no good


...I'm speechless man.. thats friggin crazy...

But in all seriousness, no matter how hard you belive in this thing, I'm sorry to say, it's never going to happen. Not worth the death of a loved one- hop out now!
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