Call of Duty 4 Rocks! *Spoilers*

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I just rented the game from Blockbuster 'cause on the Bungie forums they said it was the Halo 3 killer. keep in mind i hated all the Call of Duties, but this one is so fun. Tell me your comments. You wont see very much of me on here till i beat it. Im on act 2 out of 3.

EDIT: How do you hunt down and capture the son of Zakhaev
I think that the graphics are incredible on Call of Duty 4. I wouldn't classify this game as a Halo killer just because the game is kind of short and doesn't have a big following as the Halo series. I personally think COD 4 is one of the best games that I've played for the PC. I enjoyed the smart AI and fellow soldiers in first player mode. The storyline is really cool especially with all the twists and turns. Multiplayer is really fun but not as fun at playing multiplayer on a game like Battlefield 2.
just keep chasing him LS, i did it in one try so i dont know how it could go wrong, shoot your way through the enemies when you have to. its ok to stop and fight
I'm going to get this tonight, I'm buying my ps3 from meijers, I get a discount, credit card discount, and coupon, I can get a controller, system, and 60 dollar game for 410 dollars (including tax) if i buy the 40 gig system, other wise it will be like 450 for the 80 gig system.

I was thinking of stranglehold, cod4, or nfs pro street, depends if they release nfs early, if they have it instock somehow, I will buy that, but cod4 is on my must have list.
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