Calling all ODSTs & Marines! Do you want to be in our film Helljumpers?


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I'm Stephen Ford, a director based out of LA. You may have seen my posts about doing a lore-accurate ODST short film on Twitter called Helljumpers.

We were set to do principal photography in May but ya boy got some heart issues and that took me out of operation for a bit. But we're back in pre-production and currently hammering out the script while finalizing some props and costumes.

We have a really unique way of incorporating some cosplayers and creatives from around the world, from New Zealand to Oregon.

What We're Looking For

If you wanna join in the fun and you have an ODST suit or Marine outfit that you'd like to be featured in this film, feel free to hit me up.

We're filming around Los Angeles, so if you live nearby we'd love to have you on set or rent your suits for the film.

If you want to still join, but you're not local, we still have a way to incorporate you/your work into the film, just hit me up.

Contact Me

Find me on Twitter or Instagram, DM me or reply here!

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