Calling Members of the 405th to aid in Crowd Funding Project for Films! It is here!


Hello to all! It is time. Some of you may have seen my posts over the year about Costume and Prop Questions. Thanks to all the members of the 405th, I have learn so much and now I am ready. Its time to raise funds for my movies. I'll be making costumes out of foam and the helmets will be resin, molded and stuff like that. The weapons will be made out of wood. If the funding is a success you members of the 405th will be the first to see the Props and Costumes. When they are done i'll being posting finished threads with HEAVY PICS! Most parts of the costumes are concept. I have started a crowd funding project for my films, here it is If you checked it you will see there are goods to receive if you contribute. I'm not asking you to get the most expensive thing. All I ask is that we get as many members to contribute to get the first or second goods. The 1st is for $5 and you'll get DVD copies of the first 2 movies. The 2nd is digital copies of the first 2 movies for $8. It isn't that much, plus you get movies at a pretty good price. If we get 200 members to contribute that will be around $1000-$1600. The funding goal is $2600. So I please ask you to help me and my crew in are time of need. If this doesn't work I will be forced to trash this whole thing. It explains in the project page. I've met members who ran into problems with money before and its pretty sad. I have been postponing this project of mine for 2 years now. I do not want to make it 3. I have had emotional break downs over it. I know, I'm pathetic. I'm that passionate about my films. If you can not contribute I at least ask of you to spread the word around to everyone you know. Thanks for helping me along my journey! Feel free to ask any questions if you would like. :)

P.s If you checked out the project video, let me just say sorry. It's not the best video lol.

Guys I also forget to mention, you can contribute $1. When selecting what goods you want, you can go to the bottom of the list where it says custom. Type in how much you want to donate and proceed. :)

You have tons of time to contribute, it ends in 30 days on July 26th 2014. But if we do not reach our goal, We do not get a single cent of what was contributed. It's an all or nothing fundraiser.