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Hey all! I'm posting here as I think I'm far enough into getting my halo infinite Masterchief build ready to start posting about it!

If you haven't seen my builds before I build primarily with Pepakura using the paper and fiberglass method! I also throw in vacuum forming, 3D printing and a few other skills for my builds. If you want to check out my previous builds the best place to do so is on my Instagram (< There)

So I've taken the files from Jonty Schmidt on his Youtube model of the suit and the low poly chest model from Xtremenoob and spent time overhauling them for Pepakura adding and modifying details to be as accurate as I can make it. Jonty's models required an extensive overhaul to be ready for pepakura and I'm nearly there with just the gauntlets, thighs and boots left to go. Ill do some touch ups just to make sure everything is looking good before I go to build it.

Here's some wip comparison models!
Chest (Left is my update, Right original)
Torso wip 4 comparison.PNG

Torso wip 5 comparison.PNG

Torso wip 6 comparison.PNG

Codpiece (Extensive overhaul, Several pieces down to one object. remodeled and detailed areas, Left is old/Right is new)
Codpiece wip 1 comparison.PNG

Codpiece wip 2 comparison.PNG

Codpiece wip 3 comparison.PNG

Bicep (Same as codpiece, Left is old/right is new)
Bicep wip 1 comparison.PNG
Bicep wip 2 comparison.PNG
Bicep wip 3 comparison.PNG

Shin (again extensive improvements, Left is old/right is new. I know the shin needs some slight touch ups still, this was the first part i worked on)
Shin wip 1 comparison.PNG
Shin wip 2 comparison.PNG
Shin wip 3 comparison.PNG

The shoulder pads and hand plates are also ready but I'm going to touch those up some more!
AS for the helmet I'm still considering what to use.. I'm very much tempted to make the concept helmet from 2018's trailer and art as that wont be superseded when actual models are released for the game, then rebuilt the helmet after (Probably the whole suit too). The helmet will be 3D printed with a vacuum formed visor and electronics such as lights and hopefully more.

Again this will be a paper and Fiberglass build however to help my efforts I've picked up a Cricut machine to help cut out all my pieces out and save a huge amount of time and pain from cutting them out by hand.

Once i finish the final models I'm excited to get into unfolding these and having them printed/cut!

Ill post updates as i can! (Hopefully I don't just forget)

P.S regarding model sharing > MAYBE. I don't think I can make any money off these as I'm editing other peoples models that are available for free. They will be superseded by accurate models once the game releases. If I can, I'll try and make them available once my build is further along!
Heck so I've finished a touch up of the chest (Shouldn't have stayed up this late but I got carried away)
I've added the detail on the back, rings around the arms and ab plate! I may go ahead and add some other small details or touch ups later but here this is!
I am considering 3D printing some details in (Like the shoulder latches) & I'm not sure what is going on with the black geometry is mostly seen on the Thrusters. Thighs, boots and more touch ups left to go.
Torso 2.0 .PNG

Torso 2.0-1.PNG

Torso 2.0-2.PNG
Hey all, still looking for a potential helmet model if i don't just tackle it myself or get a 3D model off Etsy based off the 2018 version. If anyone has a decent looking 3D model of the Halo3 inspired current helmet they're happy to send my way please hit me up!

I've now gotten my hands on a NERF halo assault rifle for this build and its just the boot & thighs that are left to touch up in blender before i do one last go over all the pieces. I hope to show off some more progress shortly and ideally I'd like to be building from the 25th of this month!
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