Can someone please clear something up for me, molds.

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I have been looking into making armour seriously now with a friend of mine. I have previously done it before but I only got as far as making the armour piece out of pepakura and I did not harden it or anything. We was wondering what it takes to make a mold of the armour piece and if it is worth it so that we could keep reproducing the armour. We have a few questions that we would very appreciate if they got answered.

1) Once we've made our piece out of pepakura, what do we do now...

2) If the mold is made correctly, will the pieces that the mold produce, look good?

3) How do we make the mold, I've had a look on some YouTube videos and I didn't seem to understand them. (Maybe this is just me being dumb)

4) Is it worth making a mold in the first place?

I apologise if this is a stupid post and you're rolling your eyes at the sight of it. It's just driving me crazy trying to find out the answers to the questions.

Thank you.
when you have your piece out of pepakura you should glass it with resin, then get a body filler to to make things smooth. (requires lots of sanding)

And mold making is actually not that hard, you just need latex, clay and something for a hard outer shell (most people use fiberglass, you can also use plaster)

And if it's worth it? that depends up to you. Do you want to reproduce the thing you made? is it up to your standards?
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