Can we get a list of Retail stores who stock Chavant NSP Clay and other supplies.


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Because I don't think most people(Myself included) don 't want to pay for shipping on a 40lb case of bricks or SmoothOn stuff. And Google faield to help me find stores near me.

So pretty much just post store names and locations, And I'll be sure to add them to the first post and then we have a database. (Asumming that these products get stocked by stores)

Product.________Store.________________ State.__________________ City.
NSP Clay________Blick Art Materials ______PA_____________________ Lehigh Valley

I picked Chavant because it seems to be the most used, but you can list other clay types that work well for molding/sculpting and I'll put them on the first post too.

I did a quick search, nothing too useful. Don't flame just inform me if otherwise.


Blick Art Materials.. they have an online store and also brick and mortar, I know there is one in the Lehigh Valley, PA thats where I get mine.


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Added. :)

EDIT: they can also be local non chain stores too.

Not a long enough post eh?
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