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This will cover all of Canada
Hey guys, sorry to say that there are a lot of dead links on the old list which means a lot of cons that have probably folded their tends for good. I'm constantly on the lookout for more and the ones that are still debating on a date I'll post as soon as they come to said decision.


Name: Cape Cornwall & Area Pop Event
Date: April 24-25
Location: Cornwall, Ontario
Events: Guests, Artists, Cosplay and Cosplay Contest, Entertainers, Exhibitions, Panels

Name: CK Expo
Date: April 24
Location: Chatham, ON
Events: Cosplay, Artists, Authors, Game room, Podcast, Vendors


Name: Toronto Comic Arts Festival
Date: May 8-15 (long Con.....wonder if its a type-o)
Location: Toronto, ON
Events: A celebration of comics and graphic novels and their creators, which culminates in a two-day exhibition and vendor fair featuring hundreds of comics creators from around the world. Other Festival events include readings, interviews, panels, workshops, gallery shows, art installations, and much more.

Name: Anime North
Date: May 27-29
Location: Toronto, ON
Events: Exhibits, Guests, Actors, Cosplay and Cosplay Contests, Musicians, Writers, Performers, Gaming, DJs, Dance, Game Show, Panels, Workshops.


Name: Montreal Comiccon
Date: July 9-11
Location: Montreal, QB
Events: Celebrities/Q&A/Photo OPs, Panels, Workshops, Charity Events, Concerts, Masquerade, Cosplay and Cosplay Contest, Meet and Greet, Tabletop and Video Gaming, Artist Alley.

Name: Pretty Heroes
Date: July 17-18
Location: Toronto, ON
Events: We are the first (and currently only) girl power fandom convention in Canada.
We started with Sailor Moon and we have expanded with fan demand to include more female heroes, inspirational female characters, and real-life inspirational girls and women. If you enjoy narratives featuring strong female characters - you will find a positive, welcoming space at our events.

Name: Calgary Expo
Date: July 30- Aug 2
Location: Calgary, AB
Events: Media Guests, Artists and Creators, Cosplay Guests and Cosplay Contest, Vendors, Artists Alley, Exhibitors.

Name: Anirevo
Date: July 30- Aug 1
Location: Richmond, BC
Events: Guests, Maid Cafe, LAN Party, Video and Tabletop Gaming, Cosplay, Idol Contest, Improve and Comedy Performances, Artists Alley, Vendors Market.


Name: FanExpo Canada
Date: Aug 26-29
Location: Toronto, ON
Events: Guests, Celebrity, Comic Creators, Anime, Gaming, Horror, Sci-fi & Fantasy, Cosplay, Internet-tainers, Voice Actors, Authors, Family Fun Activities, Vendors, Exhibitors.


Name: Geequinox
Date: Sept 5-6
Location: Halifax, NS
Events: Each spring the hibernating geek awakes from their winter torpor hungry to consume large amounts of popular culture. Leaving their winter dens, and basements, the Maritime geek seeks out locations rich in their favorite fandom to nourish their soul. Many can be observed migrating to the rich feeding grounds that is the Spring Geequinox.
It is here, they find nourishment and socialisation in the form of: cosplay, a wide array of tabletop and video gaming, workshops, live shows, and over 80 vendors of geek centric goods and services. For the next 2 days, the geek gorges itself on their most favored activities, happy and sated, ready to begin their year anew.

Name: Ottawa Comicon
Date: Sept 10-12
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Events: Celebrity Photo OPs/Autographs/Q&A, Concerts, Masquerade and Cosplay, Panels, Workshops, Special Events, Tabletop and Video games


Name: Edmonton Expo
Date: Oct 1-3
Location: Edmonton, AB
Events: Sci-Fi, Anime, Horror, Comics, Cosplay and Cosplay Contests, Gaming, Guests and Celebrities, Exhibits, Vendors, Artists Alley.

Name: Victoria's Ultimate Hobby & Toy Fair
Date: Oct 2-3
Location: Victoria, BC
Events: Charity Fundraising, Silent Auction, Vendors, Toy Fair, Door Prizes, Cosplay, Guests.

Name: London Comic Con
Date: Oct 2-3
Location: London, ON
Events: Celebrities, Autographs & Photo OPs, Live Q&A, Vendors, Artists Alley, Live Entertainment, Cosplay, Kids Zone, Panels, Workshops

Name: Hal-Con
Date: Oct 22-24
Location: Halifax, NS
Events: Guests, Gaming, Costume Contest, Cosplay, Charity Auction, Panels, Vendors, Autograph and Photo OPs, Maid Cafe, Lolita Tea Party, Artist Alley, Halloween Parade


Name: Pop Culture Canada...This covers ALL Pop Culture Events all dates all locations
Events: Comic Books, Toys, Games, Sports Cards, Collectibles, Autograph & Photo OPs, Celebrities, Cosplay, Video Game Tournament, Charity Event.

Name: Northern Ontario Expo
Date: April 9-10 2022
Location: Timmins, Ontario
Events: Now entering its 8th year, the recently renamed Timmins Comicon showcases over 40+ exhibitors and programming. 2018 will continue with the Timmins Comicon Kid's Zone, Cosplay Corner, photo booth and the return of Artist Alley and the Vendors Market. Also returning will be the annual Cosplay contest and Gaming Zone.

Name: Ad Astra
Date: TBA
Location: Richmond Hill, Ontario
Events: Guests, Panels, Rooms: Dealer's/Lego/Games/Anime/Costume Repair, Cosplay and Masquerade, Author Readings and Signing, Charity Event.

Name: East Coast Comic Expo
Date: TBA
Location: Moncton, NB
Events: East Coast Comic Expo is an all-ages convention organized by dedicated Fanboys and Fangirls to celebrate comic books and comic book culture. We’ll have industry professional writers & artists joining us to celebrate, along with local vendors and many talented local creators and artisans as well.

Name: YetiCon
Date: June 17-19 2022
Location: Blue Mountains, ON
Events: Mountain Gondola Rides, Pool Activities, Mountain Coaster, Panels, Vendors, Artists, Cosplay.

Name: Geek Topia
Date: TBA....Soon..ish (Their words not mine)
Location: Vancouver, BC
Events: SciFi, Retro Gaming, Comic Books, Fantasy, Anime, Vendors, Charity Event, Seminars, Fandom Feud Game, Exhibits, Cosplay.


Name: Sci-Fi On The Rock
Location: St. John's, Newfoundland
Events: Media Guests, Vendors, Exhibitors, Cosplay and Cosplay Contest, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Gaming, Horror and Geeks.

Name: Capital Comic Book Convention
Location: Ottowa, ON
Events: The Capital Comic Book Convention has been created to serve the collector market and give the comic book readers a show to meet their needs. The convention brings together comic book collectors and retailers from Eastern Ontario & Quebec in the hopes to further promote the hobby, and to attract future readers and collectors. The convention will focus on comic books, graphic novels, and trade paperbacks while also celebrating the writers and artists who bring them all to life. The event is a concentrated marketplace gathering a wide selection of vendors for the collectors and enthusiasts. The event is planned twice a year spring and fall.

Name: Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo Regina
Location: Regina, SK
Events: exhibitors, Guests, Panels, Autographs & Photo OPs,

Name: Northern FanCon
Location: Prince George, BC
Events: Guests, Vendors, Artists, Panels, Cosplay, Workshops, Podcasts

Name: Victoria Comic Book Expo
Location: Victoria, BC
Events: Exhibitors, Vendors, Artists, Cosplay, Toy Fair, Comic Books

Location: Calgary, OT
Events: Heavy Anime activity, Digital Media, Events, Panels, Guests, Exhibitors, Artists Alley, Maid/Butler Cafe, OTAFEST Registration, Charity Event.

Name: Cottage Country Comic Con
Location: Orillia, ON
Events: Cottage Country Comic-Con strives to be Ontario's best and truest comic con featuring fandoms of multiple genres. As long-time fans of comic books, toys, pop-culture, wrestling, cosplay, animation, sci-fi and fantasy, the promoter wanted to bring that style event to Orillia.
The show will have over 100 exhibitors that cater to a wide-spectrum of interests including comic books, magazines, toys, games, movies, wrestling, television, anime, manga, cosplay, artwork, sketches and apparel plus much more. In addition, a roster of comic industry professionals and fandom-related celebrities are in attendance for attendees to meet and greet. This will be one show not to miss!

Name: Keycon 35
Location: Winnipeg, MB
Events: Art Show, Dealer's Room, Gaming, Guests, Masquerade and Cosplay, Panels, Demonstrations, Ice Cream Social, Dance Party.

Name: IFFT
Location: Toronto, ON
Events: With a deep appreciation of anime, music, comics, gaming, and novels, we’d like to make our mark in Canada’s largest city, Toronto. International Fan Festival (IFF Toronto for short), is a multi-day, multi-fandom, Japanese focused event. We strive to bring high quality guests, content, and experiences to the fans of Toronto. Our goal is to create a small yet intimate event where fans can discover, rediscover, or reinvigorate their passions.

Name: Animaritime
Location: Frederiction, NB
Events: Artists Alley, Vendors, Contests, Featured Events, Guests, Masquerade and Cosplay, *NOTE* This years theme is: Horror

Name: Ganbatte
Location: Saskatoon, SK
Events: Ganbatte Convention Inc. is a non profit organization focused on promoting Japanese media and arts in Saskatoon through various events in the year leading to our annual anime convention in July. We are organized by members of the local Saskatoon anime, comic, and gaming communities and are run by dedicated volunteers.

Name: The Summer Festival
Location: Burnaby, BC
Events: The Summer Festival is an annual event held in the Convocation Mall at SFU Burnaby Campus. Hosted by SFU Anime, the festival gives anime fans a chance to check out artist booths, food vendors, games, and stage events all in the style of the “matsuri” summer festivals you may have seen in some of your favourite series.

Name: ConBravo
Date: TBA
Location: Hamilton, ON
Events: ConBravo! is the Annual Festival of Everything Geek! We're a weekend of gaming, anime, comics, and a whole lot more. Come join us at the Hamilton Convention Center!

Name: Animethon 27
Date: CANCELED 2021 Event
Location: Edmonton, AB
Events: Animethon is a Japanese Animation (“anime”) themed festival held annually in the city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We have expanded our focus beyond screening anime and now also include voice actor guests from North America, musical acts from North America and Japan, improvisation groups, as well as various related activities such as gaming, costume contests, Media, Panels, AMV Contest,and much more.

Name: Otakuthon
Location: Montreal, QC
Events: World Cosplay Summit, Masquerade, Otakuthon Idol, Gunpla Building World Cup, AMV Contest, Concerts & Live Events, Exhibits, Guests, Panels.

Name: Caper Con
Location: Sydney, NS
Events: Dance Party, Fan Fiction Theater, Cosplay Contest, Charity Raffle, Garage Sales, Panels, Gaming, Exhibitors.

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