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    Name: Ottawa Comicon
    Date: May 12-14
    Location: Ottawa, Ontario
    Events: Media Celebrities, Comics, Anime, Costuming, Csoplay Contests, SF/Fantasy Events, Gaming, Exhibitions, Vendors, Celebrity Q&A, Photo OPs, Autographs.

    Name: KeyCon
    Date: May 19-21
    Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba
    Events: Art Shows, Dealers, Gaming, Guests, Masquerade, Cosplay Contest, Dance Party, Meet and Greet.

    Name: Nishikaze
    Date: May 19
    Location: Lethbridge, Alberta
    Events: Nishikaze (nee-she-ka-zay) is Japanese for west wind, a common occurrence here in Southern Alberta. Nishikaze is a local gathering for fans of Japanese anime, manga, and related media such as video games. While we showcase anime, we strive to expand our event into other areas of interest like live-action movies and Asian culture.

    Our annual event is an occasion where fans can show their passion and appreciation of the hobby; to meet other like-minded people; to have open discussions about popular topics and to just have a good ol’ time!


    Name: Niagara Falls Con
    Date: June 2-4
    Location: Niagara Falls, Ontario
    Events: Celebrity Guests, Games, Comics, Comic Guests, Horror Fest, Legends of Wrestling, Artists Alley, Cosplay and Cosplay Compition, Exhibitions, Vendors, Celebrity Q&A, Workshops, Panels, Autographs, Dr. Who Society w/ DR. Who Escape the Room (Delete.......Delete), 501st Canadian Garrison and much more.......

    Name: Graphic-Con
    Date: June 10
    Location: Sudbury, Ontario
    Events: The most exciting slash nerdy slash villainous event in the Northern part of Ontario has returned with a vengeance. The Greater Sudbury Public Library and Launchpad Creative are excited slash terrified to bring you the 2017 version of Graphic Con. This years fan event will feature more comic book, sci-fi, cosplay, panel discussions and nerd related activities. The only issue is… this is the year of the villain. Tickets are available now.

    Name: VanIsleCon
    Date: June 11
    Location: Sidney, British Columbia
    Events: Guests, Celebrityis, Artists Alley, Vendors, VR Games and VR Lounge, Chill Lounge, Games, Tarot Card Reading, Cosplay and Cosplay Contest, Panels.


    Name: Montreal Comicon
    Date: July 7-9
    Location: Montreal, Quebec
    Events: Celebrity Q&A/Meet and Greet/Autographs/Photo OPs, Panels, Workshops, Special Events, Screenings, TT and Video Gaming, Masquerade and Cosplay Contest, Charity Events, Anime, Nerdstock, eSports.
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    Do you plan on attending these cons?
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  3. Dirtdives


    Not at this time.........If I get enough time off work and enough money........who knows. For now, I'll just post the Cons List for you.
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    How kind of you sir. I'm going to Niagara Falls comic con in June and FanExpo at the end of August.
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    BlazedStarbon RCO 405th Regiment Officer

    Looks like Graphic Con is starting to make major headlines now. Thanks Dirtdives for putting this together. Much appreciated!
    If anyone's up for a roadtrip to Sudbury in June, I have space in my home for people to crash that weekend.
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    BlazedStarbon I'm just sorry it is taking so long to get all of these up.......There are so may cons listed that are no longer in effect and even more that I haven't gotten to post yet. I'm just doing up until July so Ipeople don't miss out in any one Regiment.....even one day might be too late. Once I have all the Regiments accounted for...I can get back to finishing the rest of the year. I can't post in the Canadian forum but put the word out that this list is here and if I missed any Cons to let me know so I can add it to the list.
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    Dirtdives no worries here! If you require a list, I can always PM you event updates to help out for 2017. Otherwise, your efforts to do this for each regiment is a wonderful help!
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    Glad I could help.
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    Just a few more to show that there's more to Canada than just Ontario and southern Quebec. These are ones that are in my local area that I'm currently planning on attending, I'll add more as the events show up on the radar as they tend to do.

    Van Isle Con
    June 11
    Sidney, British Columbia

    Anime Evolution
    July 30
    Vancouver, British Columbia

    Anime Revolution
    August 4-6
    Vancouver, British Columbia

    September 16-17
    Nanaimo, British Columbia

    Fan Expo Vancouver
    November 10-12
    Vancouver, British Columbia
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