Canadian Regiment (Calgary, AB) - Otafest 2019

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Division PR, RXO and BCO
Division Staff
405th Regiment Officer
Member DIN
I love this convention and will make the run across two mountain ranges to go again. Currently I'm looking at packing one or more Halo costumes with me and am applying to run several panels at the convention to help grow their local cosplay community.

If there's any folks that would like to jump in on a 405th panel with myself and possible a few others joining in on the convoy from Victoria we're a welcoming group that likes to spin yarns and tell tall tales while holding a microphone. Another benefit of jumping in on a discussion panel is discounted convention badges ;)

Myself and CplYapFlip will be occupying one vehicle likely loaded with two Spartans so we'd love to see you, hang out and at the least get some cool photos together. Maybe all of us join in on their Fashion Show to strut our stuff runway style.
Not open for further replies.