Canadian Regiment [Delta Battalion] (Victoria, BC) - Capital City Comic Con


405th Regiment Officer
Community Staff
Victoria Conference Center

March 22- 24, 2019
Friday: 3pm – 9pm
Saturday: 10am – 7pm
Sunday: 10am – 5pm

Tickets available through Ticket Rocket

405th Delta Battalion will have boots on the ground for all three days for Victoria's largest comic book convention. Join us to see the finest that Vancouver Island has to offer. There are planned photo shoot sessions put on by the convention on site and Delta is planning an off-site scenic shoot to showcase their handiwork. If you have photo ideas for yourself or need Deployment photos we have the photography skills of CplYapFlip and Rinzlerr for the weekend.

Along with the regular scheduled trooping for Delta Battalion we will be hosting an intro to armour making panel with the table of builders being awildshannon, CplYapFlip, LastMinute, Rinzlerr and myself.

This thread will be used for organization purposes and an after action report.


405th Regiment Officer
Community Staff
BCO's After Action Report
To say that the convention went off without a hitch would be untruthful but we managed to work things out and persevere with honour and poise to show what the 405th can do in the convention community. There were a few organizational issues such as schedule misprints and badge problems but this will just further our resolve to have a community table at the event next year and do fundraising work at the same time.

Our panel was well attended with ~80% of the room filled and plenty of questions during and after the presentation which showed that our information was both engaging and entertaining. For some of us this was the first panel and I'm extremely proud of how everyone carried themselves and delivered information professionally as an expert and as someone approachable to the new cosplayers and armour builders withing the crowd. We had a Funko Pop Arbiter to give away as a prize to the attendee who could properly guess the number of cats hidden within the slide deck and multiple attendees were taking notes feverishly so that they could take home the prize. I'm still getting feedback through Facebook and Instagram thanking us for all our information and we've had a few new people approach me about joining the 405th and creating accounts.

Trooping at the convention was excellent and there was multiple instances of use being stopped for photos, video or just to talk to "Halo". I'm excited to see the official post-convention thank you videos that they are producing since I had a video camera follow me around in both my ODST and SPARTAN-III armour.

Rinzlerr and CplYapFlip are photographers that have turned towards costuming and Halo armour so as expected they got some excellent shots of us all over the course of the weekend. There's also more photos coming from local legend Addy Davies shot in one of the coolest locations in the conference center that has the feel of Halo 3: Ivory Tower. Once those photos come in I will add them to this thread. For now, I leave it open for our two resident Imaging Techs to show off their handiwork and for awildshannon and LastMinute to share any photos that they took.

Once again, congratulations to everyone in Delta for the successful OP. We were excellent teachers, we promoted our fandom and most importantly we made new friends along the way.