Canadian Regiment (GTA, Ontario) - Bradford Rattlers Home Game

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405th Regiment Officer
Alright you hosers dust off your sticks and skates cause we’re going to a hockey game!

We’ve been invited by the Bradford Rattlers Junior A home game this January and are looking to have members attend in costume for a Halo themed night! All members are welcome to attend and if you have any questions you can post below or DM me.

Event Name
Bradford Rattlers Home Game Halo Theme

Event Website

Event Venue
Bradford Leisure Centre

Venue Address
471 West Park Ave.,
Bradford, On
L3Z 0J3

Approximate Number of Attendees

Event Description
The Bradford Rattlers have regular season home hockey games on Sundays Starting in September and running until March. As a fellow Master Chief builder we would like to have a special HALO day

Jan 15, 2023

Start Time
06:00 PM

End Date
Jan 15, 2023

End Time
11:00 PM

Number of 405th Members Requested

Can you provide a secure changing room/staging area to accommodate costumed attendees?

Will you provide free entry to event for 405th members and handlers?

Please list any other ameneties you are willing to offer our volunteers (food, water, etc.)
food and water can be made available if requested, we can also provide additional items if necessary and requested.

Request Description
Spartans to attend the game and do a pre-game activity, fan signing and photo-ops
a special event between 2nd and 3rd periods (to be discussed what with the people attending)
Count me in!

Just hopefully they don't try and make me skate
fail ice skating GIF by The Detour
Not in the GTA, but there is a possibility I can spare the day and drive up. It would certainly be nice but I have to think about it
Dang... Won't be able to go. I don't have a car to get up there, plus I start work at 6:30am the next day. With an 11pm end time and the travel home, I won't be getting much sleep.
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