Canadian Regiment Secret Santa 2022

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The Frostravens are spinning up while Unggoy-elf air crews are frantically attaching the last touches of sleigh bells and lights to prepare for the holiday season, that's right, the Canadian Regiment Secret Santa is back! Sangheli-claus and all his workshop elves are very busy (as usual it seems) and require our help to spread Haloday cheer this December so come join our annual gift exchange dear Canadians!

To help organize this gift exchange, a Google form that is run by Regiment staff is linked below to fill out your contact information as well as a quick letter to Santa so that they can figure out some fun personalized items that you may like. All participants must enter their names by August 26th to be included in the pairings. Later that evening you'll receive your pairing through a message on the forum and your included email.

405th Canadian Regiment Secret Santa Application

To make sure that everyone will have a package arriving for them in time there will be several check ins with Regiment staff to make sure you're progressing in your build. If by the second scheduled check you have not made progress or feel the need to drop out of the build, please talk to Regiment staff so that an Emergency Santa can be brought in.

Since our country is so vast a physical meetup isn't exactly possible for most but we will create a thread for sharing images and video of everyone's parcel opening. Hopefully we can also get a video call together where we can all join in the chat and have the yule log on a TV in the background or at least video of the UNSC Infinity wreckage since it's log shaped. Last year everyone shared their present opening experience in a video call and then we jumped into a games night and I'd love to do that again this year!

Calendar of Important Dates
08/26 - Santas and Children pairings are mailed out through the forums and your email.
09/16 - First Check, an idea for your build should be formed and plans started.
10/21 - Second Check, mid-build check! Things should be started and progress photos included.
11/25 - Final Check, finished photos!
12/02 - Mailing Date!
12/23 - Opening and sharing of photos!

Remember everyone, this is in no way a mandatory event! If the short timeline or cost of mailing parcels is too much of a stress on you, feel free to join in on the fun with the group chats and have a good time with the rest of the Canadian Regiment!

Any and all questions are appreciated in case I missed something in the writeup!
The sign up is closed after a small extension for the folks at FanExpo this weekend (well done buzzer beaters).

Unggoy with little festive hats at jaunty angles are now sorting through the messages and sending them as we speak!
The messages are out! Thank you to everyone who signed up for this year! Get those thinking caps on, you've got two weeks roughly before the first check in where everyone should have an idea of what they're building.

Check those inboxes TurboCharizard, CplYapFlip, ZiggyGrimm, Electraknite, Luciferdawns, NewBrody, WZProps, James, valkydesigns, Schankerz, Zachary, hoodster31, N8TEBB and Rock Lobbster.

If you missed your window to sign up and you still want to participate in some way we're always looking for Safety Santas to help in times of crisis in case someone has to drop out due to unforeseen circumstances. Also the group "Christmas Morning" on December 23rd will be open if you want to hang out and chat with all the 405th Canadian Holiday Crew.
It's check in day! If you haven't responded to the message that had your Secret Santa Pairing with a idea of what you plan on making for your "child" please do so as soon as possible! Electraknite has volunteered to be the Bad Santa Beating Brute and will be issued a gorilla costume and foamie Fist of Rukt to incentivize everyone to get the check ins finished.
eheheheheheeee i always wanted to fight santa >: )
Doing great! Most people should be complete with their gifts and getting ready for the mailing date this week on Dec 2!
Seraph-sleigh bells be jingling and addresses are out there for all the fine folks!

The most important thing now is getting some parcels into the mail and then deciding if we want to play some MCC or Infinite on the festive opening night!
Hey folks! Just in case we got any stragglers here on the forums we’ll be starting our secret Santa openings on the discord in 10-15 minutes!

Got these very fancy lil trinkets from Schankerz! A really cool AI chip and a legendary wood-burned coaster :DDD
But let's not forget about the mega gift (which is still on its way) :oops::oops:
The theme of my gift from Rock Lobbster was delicious noms and a honking good time! I just discovered that my goose will also hold a spoon for making food!!! Not just a bonk honk! But also a bonk honk as it’ll hold the grav hammer bottle opener too (which I will use for opening all the bottles!). I’ll also review all the noodles and snacks on my Instagram channel dedicated to that. It was a perfect and very thoughtful gift! The fact that he pulled it off down a leg tells you everything you gotta know about Lobb. He is factually the best.


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While these won't take the hat off an Elite at two thousand yards our lovely residential sniper Electraknite delivered some absolutely amazing goodies! A beautiful set of resin cast Reach gauntlets that will replace my current (far too small) pair, the Hawo owopening, and a delightful Jun Helmet ornament complete with her iconic sharpie visor lines. It may be intended for a tree but I think it makes my mic stand 100% more Haloified.
Thank you for the lovely gifts, I had such a fun time this year!

Coming in a little late after our fun opening call. But here is what Zachary made/ got for me. He made me the cool blade sword from the lightyear movie as well as got me a pidgeon referencing an inside joke with the Montreal comic con crew. I was so glad to have participated in this this year and hope to continue making and exchanging gifts with all you fine folk.
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