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    Hey all,

    On several other prop-related forums I frequent, I've organized and overseen Secret Santa exchanges over the last few years. On those other forums the nature of the gifts is always themed based on the website (ie. Star Trek forum = Star Trek gifts). The turnout has always been good, and everyone has been happy with what they received.

    Being pretty much at the end of November it's obviously a little too late this year to set up something like that here for our regiment, but I was curious to know if anyone thought it might be fun to start doing that here? Not everyone in the regiment has to participate, only folks who feel like it. The gifts exchanged would of course be HALO items, with not too high a price tag. The idea being to spread the holiday spirit and get to know our fellow regiment members a little better.

    Having done this on other forums, I could be the one to organize such an event here. Now, I understand if some people are perhaps a little put off by something like this, so I wouldn't take offense if it was decided to not be a good idea. Just something I thought I'd put out to the membership here for next year. Comments and opinions welcome :cool:
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    Getting gifts in the mail is always a wonderful surprise. This would be a fun thing to do.
    Mark me down to do this next year.
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    I'd be down for a 405th Secret Valentines if Canada Post is back up and running :p

    Currently I'm a part of the Prop Tarts of Punished Props Secret Santa and it's always a good time, I'd really enjoy a 405th version.
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    It's certainly a fun idea, although I can see Halo-specific gifts becoming pricey? Especially since the franchise is becoming older, so purchased items become rare to find. I've also seen secret Santas where someone makes a homemade gift that's still thoughtful, nicely assembled, and low budgeted.

    It's a good idea, but as you said, keep it entirely voluntary for those who would be interested :)
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    sounds like fun to me!
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    You can count me in for something of that sort!
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    Getting a nice surprise is always good, isn't it :)

    A Secret Valentines event? Hadn't thought of that one, lol. Secret Santas I've been involved in have always been fun.

    Oh yes, definitely voluntary. I get that some people might feel a bit weird about doing that sort of thing, so by means does it have to be mandatory and forced on those folks who would rather not participate.

    I agree that buying certain HALO items could get expensive, which is why I was thinking maybe keeping it along the lines of $25-$50 max.

    I've received some Secret Santa gifts in the past that were hand-made and still very artfully done that were more appreciated than some of the commercially available merchandise out there.

    I'll be sure to make note of everyone here who expresses interest in this for next year.
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